1. avatar BOSCO
    My first post!
    Im thinking of selling my RS530 any ideas what i should be looking for it.

    Body Basswood
    Neck Maple
    Frets 24
    Bridge Pro Rock' R
    Pickups ibanez twin coil humbucker
    controls 2x volume, 1 tone, 3 -way toggle and pop up overdrive
    fret locks and fine tuning on bridge

    This really is a fantastic guitar, it has been well looked after, this is a japanese version made in 1985 and was number 6 of 81 made in that year


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  2. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    i'll offer you a hundredweight of potatoes and a fistful of parsley. :-D
  3. avatar BOSCO
    done. I love the parsley.
  4. avatar Kingnez

    hope this helps
    nice axe but it seems that an F or a G still holds price best!
  5. avatar Rock Danger
    Intrested. Got any pics??
  6. avatar BOSCO
    Links to photos added

    Make me an offer if your intrested. Comes with the case.
  7. avatar banger
    My first post!
    Hi if Bosco reads this or any one knows him please contact me regarding his Ibanez RS 530 in polar white advertised in 07