1. avatar Suki Monster
    Here is my reviews of some of the amps I have owned and used.Yet again This is my opinion and I am NEVER WRONG.

    (1970's as owned by the Vitamin string spanker Stu "babys arm" Fyfe)
    This amp is warm bright and big at the same time it has a clean sound which is crisp but has a nice mellowness about it.With a good distortion pedal this bad boy will rock as well as any smelly nu metal amp.And when you are sick of rawking out you can crank on the reverb and play wipe out for hours on end.One of these second hand could probably set you back about £550 ish.

    (As owned by liam and mark from Larne mettalers Headrush)
    This Amp is made to the same specs as The fender twin reverb but with a emphasis on a more modern RAwk tone It has been labeled The evil twin beacuse of these characteristics.It is a great amp whch has a lot of gain for a fender and is actually quite usable in a rawk setup.I prefer even though this amp is better for taking a lot of high gain i think it is let down by its clean setting which isnt as good as the original Twins. But excellent amp which is definatly worth £950 asking price.

    (as owned from dickie from oops)
    Yuck yuck yuck Peice of @#%$ amplifier sounds tinny and weak.Its an amp for kids who buy amps for looks.So dont be fooled beacuse it comes in purple and is half the price of any other stack cause its crap. Although if you are starting up an oops! tribute band and want that legendary oops tone Its the amp for you.

    (Now owned by mike from Rizo)
    This used to be my main amp. It is a 150 watt stereo chourus amp with excellent chourus sounds.Its very warm sounding and has a lot of features like and excellent channel selection options.I didnt use the distortion on this amp as it really wasnt clear enough and sounded a bit fuzzy.This amp was great with my boss distortion put through it and was VERY loud.The only thing that let it down was the clean channel as it didnt seem to cut through as much as Iwould have wanted it to. Very versatile amp. Rrp- £590

    MARSHALL JCM 2000 DSL 50
    This amp rawks it has a beautiful clean sound with a lot of punch and definition with a really nice bite to it.The distortion is perfect and on the lead one setting it will give you the sound of a hot rodded Jcm 800 and on lead two it will take you into heavy metal territory.Marshall pride themselfs by saying this amp has 10 x more gain than any marshall ever made and its true as the lead 2 channel just gets ridiculous when the gains turned past 6.I fell in love with this amp as soon as i heard it and i think any marshall fan would.Artists who use it are Ginger (wildhearts) Matt belemy (muse) and gary moore. And it has been described by reviewers as the "best marshall ever made". Buy it rrp £650.

    edit: Sukimonster is one of the coolest cats ever.I am a big fanny. :)

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  2. avatar EPK
    Line 6 Flextone.
    An extremely versatile amp...perhaps the only one you'll ever need. Every sound you want from an amp, from Roland Jazz Chorus clean to Mesa Boogie flat out.
    It sings in the overdrive, and has some excellent fx...delay, chorus, flange, compression... built in..including a tap setting where a couple of taps on the button will set your delay interval. It also has a separate reverb modelled on the original reverb of its modelled amps....that is, you'll get a spring reverb effect with old amps that featured them.
    Add the Floorboard and you're laughing......a stack of editable presets with individual volume and wah pedals (the wah is based on the Jim Dunlop, but sounds better)...throw in a tuner, foot delay tapper and a f**k off really solid metal construction.
    Price is heading around a grand though. And using the headphone as a line out for recording isn't anywhere near as good as a POD 2. But live? Stand back and kill 'em.
  3. avatar antojasper
    Fender Deluxe 85:

    I bought this amp for 130 quid about 2 years ago 2nd hand.
    Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead uses one!


    -wonderful rounded clean sound with great sensitive tonal control.
    -Sping reverb, which is the best I've heard on any amp, tremendous depth.
    -2 channels with distortion "Boost", this effectively gives 3 different setups that can be switched between with a single footswitch.
    -There is a parallell input so that both channels can be heard at the same time.
    -The distorted sound on the Amp has a great range and can swing between a mild fuzzy crunch (not crotch) and a full on fuzz which I really love.
    A very retro sound without being cliched.
    -It never Broke; even when i left it in the music box and some very daft people used it - AND Plugged their guitar into the RETURN(!) input.
    -It's quite light and small, for lugging about.


    -At full fuzz, in live situations the amp can seem very muddy, it sounds great on recordings but can get masked in a full live set up when not miked up.
    -Sometimes Radio Ulster makes an impromtu appearance. Edited by: antojasper at: 11/9/01 4:40:02 pm
  4. avatar FeverDream
    Gibson GoldTone GA15-RV

    I got this amp a year ago and its totally fantastic.

    Its a Class A Tube amp with 12AX7’s in the preamp and EL84’s (6BQ5’s) in the power amp.

    It also have Celestion 30 speakers and is switchable from pentode to triode.
    This means that in triode position distortion is introduced at lower volumes, which is great for jammin in the house.

    The best thing about the Goldtone RV30 is the tone.
    There are no bass, middle or treble controls on this amp but it can sing without them.
    If you crank the volume to 3 o clock you get that texas blues tone, ala SRV.
    I would normally play it with my danelectro T-Bone distortion pedal to beef things up a bit.
    When playin with this pedal on, I keep the distortion up until the amp is singing and I control the levels of distortion with the volume control on my guitar.
    No noise gates or other effects are needed.

    If you fancy a more varied tone from the amp then a good idea is to use a processor.
    I use a Korg AX1000G and turn the amp modelling OFF.
    This means that I can control and boost mids, lows and highs.
    The great thing about the Korg AX1000G is that it allows you four patches so I can fool about with heavy rythm sounds, lead sounds, clean sounds and overdriven sounds.

    This amp is one of the best tube amps that I have ever played.
    Its versatile as hell, if you be playin blues, jazz or rock then it suits.
    Its all a matter of controlling the volume levels and the amount of gain on the amp.

    Its a pitty that there is no distortion built into this amp, but with the right pedal you can make it sing.

    £600 and its yours.
  5. avatar Suki Monster
    Just bought this amp today but fell in love with the sound of it a few years a go when someone I knew Had the 80watt version.This amp is legendary for its clean sounds and is often found onstage coupled with a marshall for the dirty tone.This amp was apparently made by roland for joni mitchell who wanted a certian tone which her guitarists couldnt get with their amps.This is a Solid state amp with corus and vibrato built in.The chorus is the nicest i have ever heard this is down to the amp having 2 amplifiers in it each one powering a different speaker therefore giving it a true chorus effect.
    The only let down on this amp is the distortion as it sounds pretty boxy.But This amp isnt bought for rawkin so it doesnt really matter. 10/10
  6. avatar Niall Harden
    Suki which did you ultimately prefer between the Twin and Twin Reverb? The Fender Twin Amp has just been relaunced featuring "vibrato" (Tremolo) and this means the 94 model Twin has dropped in price. I can't decide which of those three is right for me...
  7. avatar Suki Monster
    Twin reverb probably but they are both pretty damn close and pretty damn good amps.I reccomend going for whats cheaper.
  8. avatar Niall Harden
    uh, oh! discssion!

    the Twin Reverb is cheaper, but not a lot cheaper than the last few old model Twin
    i don't know what to do. feck it, i'll get a Spider and spend the rest on booze
  9. avatar glzebub of four star
    amps i have owned , 3.
    marshall VS15R, good practice amp. cheap, don't make any more.
    marshall VS65R, mmmmmm.....clean channel was passable not enough headroom, drive was good, quite a guns 'n' roses tone really, could also get a metal tone with gain up and mids cut to about 3/4.
    not my sound so got rid of it to a dead guy (long story)

    trace elliot speed twin C50
    fuckin excellent. just ask epk. not versatile but i don't care. sweet clean tone with treble boost, good overdrive, very dynamic, sounds lovely cranked (only attempted once)
    half power switch and output dampening, you can have it tight like nu (cunting)metal or loose like jimi.
    i like it loose (heh heh). gain boost as well. heavy as @#%$ for a 50 watt 1x12, i got it for half price.
  10. avatar vitamin
    the twin reverb i have is about 25yrs old and sounds great i tried a newer one recently .It was crap in comparison,however i may sell mine as i am leaving the country and might get a smaller amp,or the dsl50 head. Oh yeah the old twins weigh more than a house i have a full time roadie to lift mine for me, hes called omar.If he doesn't want to come to the mainland with me i'll throw him in with the amp.
  11. avatar glzebub of four star
    if you're selling the twin reverb i know someone who might be very interested, a mr.niall harden (llain21@hotmai.com), he's looking for a twin at the mo'