1. avatar spirit of division
    In need of a new place to live...really looking for somewhere by myself. I am checking estate agents but I'd rather not have a lease....that's why I'm posting here. Looking around the Lisburn Road, Eglantine, Malone, Ormeau - no way am I moving back to the Holylands. If anyone knows anyone letting or of a place pm me. Thanks.
  2. avatar JTM
    Sorry, bit confused here - you want a room in a shared house or a 1-bed to rent?
  3. avatar spirit of division
    somewhere by myself preferably - a house would be best, a one bedroom place will do. Houses are way better.
  4. avatar j0j0
    This might sound obvious, but look in the houses to let section of local papers and the like. We got our house with a private landlord that way, and he hasn't bothered getting us a lease. As he has been decent so far, it isn't a problem. So yeah, try the small ads. And ads in newsagents, I know Dunnes and the Centra around the Ormeau Road always have ads up. Good luck!
  5. avatar Slycat
    I have a house to let on the Lisburn road. Its a 3 bed but the rent is very reasonable at 450 pm. Good sized rooms too.

    Theres would be a lease but theres an option of 2 months, 5 months or a year.
  6. avatar kinta1
    i have a 2 bedroom flat in finaghy avail from next week. just decorated, new kitchen. would be ideally on a lease tho. pm me if interested for details.
  7. avatar spirit of division
    slycat check your pms...........
  8. avatar Strong Reaction
    P&R properties on Botanic normally have cheap 1 bed flats around Eglantine. I can't vouch for their condition though.
  9. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    You can stay in my shed for free. Comes furnished with a washing machine, an oil burner and 2 broken bikes.
  10. avatar rentaghost
    you got rid of your distillation equipment then?