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    Yes, but you're forgetting classic Desmond Dekker song Reggae Recipe

    "I'm here with my reggae machine
    and I'm gonna do you some good in the neighbourhood like I should
    Hey, wait a minute, what's that sound, that sounds like organ
    let me hear some swinging guitar to go with that
    mm hmm, that sounds good, now what about the drums, put some drums on,
    aye aye, but I can't do it without the bass, come on bassy, move those fingers.
    That's it, I like it like that, now you're doing the thing, now give me those reggae guitars, please
    and what about the keyboard, you can't sit on the keys, move those fingers baby
    mmm, that's the thing, now your doing the thing, that sounds like the thing, bring it on down
    Now shake it baby, shake it well, and then start..

    That's the thing, now we've got Desmond Dekker and the Aces here, and they're gonna do that thing with the reggae recipe, come on brothers, let me hear it
    "Reggae recipe, sha la la la la la la la
    Reggae recipe, sha la la la la la la la"
    Hit the spot with all you got,
    Because I'm a sure shot
    I'm hot
    I'm like the pot
    you know, me
    I'm free,
    I'm hip,
    I'm real sip baby
    So, I'm gonna get some o them swinging recipes from the reggae, come on brother, do one
    "Reggae, recipe, sha la la la la la la la
    reggae recipe, sha la la la lala la la".

    That there's how you make a music recipe
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    How about this nice piece from Dragon's Den...