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    Null Entry.
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  3. avatar Achey
    Me too.

    Forgive my apparent ignorance, but what the hell does Poi Dancer mean??

  4. avatar thesneakybandit

    a poi dancer, innit
  5. avatar churchwarden
    Ten Square does seem a very odd choice for this?

    Does ten square not aim more at the "I may meet a UTV continuity announcer or visiting celeb who is appearing on 'Kelly' tonight" if I drink here crowd... rather than the goth / EMB scruffs who normally populate the front page / rosetta and duke of york...

    most intriguing...
  6. avatar Achey
    Ah yes, fromthe Pavilion, getcha.

    But yep, TenSquare?

    Maybe because of its close proximity to City Hall?
  7. avatar bazza
    we'd trouble booking somewhere for a friday night mostly, it's not in the bar, it's in the event room upstairs in the hotel :)

    and bump, the marra night and all that