1. avatar Suki Monster
    Ok I am going to give u my opinion on as much of the stuff I have tried owned and destroyed in my musical life time.I will kepp adding stuff here when i try something new.Please dont shout at me if you disagree as I am NEVER EVER wrong.

    BOSS DS-1
    Great distortion pedal with a great phat sound but beware used with a bright or trebly amp it will become your worst nightmare. £45 can you afford not to buy it?

    Yuck.I had mine for about three days before I sold it the sound is scooped thumpy and nasty sounds too fat and boomy for chords and to thin and trebly for leads.

    Possibly my favorite pedal ever made adds an octave below and the option of adding another octave below that.It sounds Phat and will make riffs stand out, It also will make a lead break sound fuller if you are in a three piece band.Only draw back is if the bassist makes a mistake you can be sure he will blame this little fella.

    This is the standard Delay pedal that most of todays "rawk Stars" use.And they do it for its great trustworthy sound and road toughness plus it has a wee knob that doubles as a sorta pitch shifer, in the right hands it can be deadly. It is Worth the 100 notes that our friends at roland uk are charging for it.

    This is the best phaser that was ever made warm,squealchy,over the top and analog. But beware only geeks use elector harmonix.

    A friend of mine had one of these and i wanted one for ages so i recently bought one it is a filter type pedal and at times sounds like a heavy phasing type sound with a bit of ring modulation.It makes your guitar sound like its talking (nearly) and for an example listen to that weird noize at the start of muses plug in baby.This pedal doesnt quite do peter frampton but it trys and comes pretty close. P.s Also for geeks

    I recently sold mine it is an excellent pedal which will give you moogish analog type synth sounds but my only problem was its unreliability as one day you will have it set at a great sound then the next day those same settings will sound completely different.But if you are one of these freaks who thinks that unreliability is "cool" go for it.

    Industry standard Used by rawk giants such as Hendrix,clapton tom morello ect. Everybody has one.

    Great sounding chorus/vibrato rotating speaker device Gives your guitar a slight hammond organ feel. Dont expect anything to in your face with this pedal.For demo listen to ago go by john scofield or most songs off the holy bible.

    Lovely warm tubey tone when backed off but at full distortion AC/DC rawk and roll.

    Nasty rude ugly and brilliant. For example listen to that foo fighters godzilla track.

    More to come.
    P.s In my opinion avoid all products made By DOD especially the distortions.

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  2. avatar vitamin

    I agree with nasty above, awesome.Great with added tremolo as well.


    The nastiest sound ever! i love it, bassy with loadsa punch and a really 'tight' sound, if u know what i mean.Think MC5 or anything of helmets "betty" as a good sort of reference.I don't use the sustain, but it gives u a great sound, if like sukimonster, u have busy fingers and 'actually' enjoy soloing. The tonal range is great and its a good weapon with which to hit bass players with too.


    This pedal is a gift to guitar playing humans, direct from God himself. It's so versatile, with more sounds than u think u can shake a dog at( I especially love the square waves on it). One can adjust the rate, depth of the tremolo and the actual wave. A vintage tremolo sound and should always be used if any of your songs have quiet parts,ALWAYS.
  3. avatar antojasper
    I concur on the intrinsic excellence of the Boss Tremelo Pedal.

    It has the best range of tone and subtlty of effect of all the tremelo pedals I tried.

    NB The Danelectro Tremelo pedal IS NOT a viable substitute for this sound.
    Despite costing less than 30 quid compared to 80+ for the Boss.
    It's tone is watery and stark, on some settings it just sounds like your lead is faulty.
  4. avatar feline1
    If, unlike SukiMonster, ewe don't have £745 to spend
    on effects pedals, I would recommend the METAL WERKER
    pedal by Rocktek, which ewe should be able to
    get for £30 or less.

    This is just a very cheap and nasty distortion pedal,
    with hideous bass and treble EQ on it.

    We in the feline dream regularly put bass guitar and
    synths through a couple of these to create big huge blarges
    of disgusting fat messy sound -
    it is ideal if you don't have a lot of band-members/instruments
    in your line up, and you want to beef up a thin weedy
    sound into something big and exciting.
  5. avatar feline1
    For the FX Gourmet,
    here are some current manufacturers of luxury pedals:

    of Oxfordshire
    (Dr Robert Moog's company)
  6. avatar forkoid
    Yes, i bought the said Boss Metal Zone off Suki, and i actually LIKED the sound. When played throo a lovely £40 Crybaby Wah pedal it sounded lovely. Some good harmonic sounds as well. It also gaves you a nice Lift in volume and Attack if used properly.
  7. avatar Niall Harden
    i have a Boss Hyper Metal that was given to me by our drummer Dave... i think it's pretty horrible on its own but used right it can boost your level and gain nicely and give infinite sustain - yum! i *also* agree about the E-H Small Stone - got one myself and the only problem is I want to use it on every song!
    our guitarist Gareth had a Boss Hyper Fuzz and i have to say it was a horrible pedal also, if you've ever traped a wasp in a jam jar you'll know what i'm talking about... see also Marshall Jackhammer.
    the Boss SD-1 overdrive pedal is a different matter, lovely overdrive sound, smooth, crunchy, warm, cheap
    buy one today!
    i have a cry baby as well... which i also blagged for free, and it's brilliant... my one's really old and has a few mechanical squeaks and cracks but if i could be bothered i'm sure it would be easy to sort out.

    korg 'hyper distortion' two channel distortion pedal
    pretty versatile and useable distortion sounds with amp simulator and EQ and stuff... however the level's quite low and it's not too reliable

    also korg overdrive pedal
    same thing with better sound to my ears, again 2 channels are nice for 'crunch' and 'yeah! solo!' settings

    boss AC-2 acoustic simulator
    i finds this pedal odd but i do like the sound off it... ovbiously not the most authentic sound but as you can imagine it's a very nice 'different' sound with four acoustic modes and lots of things to twiddle and get a pleasing sound from
    korg ax-1G multi effects - absolutely brilliant value for money, has tonnes of effects and for the price of this you could only get a couple of stomp boxes, obviously the sound quality and 'patch' setup won't appeal to tone freaks or people who want versitality but for the first foray into the world of multi effects or the bedroom player it's superb. i have one and i'm selling it (offers welcome) because of this baby:

    Digitech RP2000
    absoloutely stunning array of tones, effects, amps, gizmos, things to play with, built in expression pedal (assignable to anything) and the system for working it is beautifully simple...
    there are four pedals at the bottom and two above them... the two select 'up' or 'down' a patch and the four select compression on/off, amp channel (clean / dist), effects on/off and delay on/off. on top of that there's the expression pedal which you can assign to anything - wah, whammy, trem speed, gain, anything.
    it has an enormous range of sounds and a really good amp simulator and loads more stuff... if you want a multi-effects this is the one. i think there's one in smithfield at the moment...

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  8. avatar evelknievellives
    My first post!
    KORG OD-1 OVERDRIVE, I agree with Niall quality pedal.Really good sounding, plenty of options on it, 2 modes that are both really sweet, and the best thing was i got it for really cheap(£40)!!! they retail for £120 and they don't even make them any more so they are a real bargain

    In my opinion whips the metal zone.I tried it out and various other heavy pedals, and in the end it just destroyed everything else.Really heavy low end, and tonnes of gain.IT can get quite fuzzy and horrible but when you tweak it right, it is the sweetest sounding thing.For par chords and drop D it can't be beaten and for £50 can anyone complain, i think not.

    Danelectro BLT Slap Echo
    Really strange sounding pedal for an Echo pedal.Really it only sounds echo'y
    if you play really short notes, but once you start to run some notes together it has this really weird individual sound.Seriously, you know the start of PARDON ME by INCUBUS, well it sounds exactly like that, sort of like volume swells, but with slight Chorus and Phaser on it.Very strange.Some people will dislike it because it doesn't really do what it says on the tin, but once you get into the vibe of the thing it rocks.AT £30 can anyone argue??

    ZOOM GFX-707
    Now this was asking for trouble.It has a great array of effects and it comes in a neat cool looking plastic case, that is prety durable.But the distortions are HORRIBLE, the Chorus is pretty good, the Delays are alright,
    and the Phasers and Flangers are also reasonable, but it is a really annoying setup that you always HAVE TO have an
    effect on, and with only 2 pedals this become a pain in the ass, and bypassing that can only be done by pushing both down together and that can be tricky when onstage or whatever.It also makes a terrible humming noise when played with any type of adaptor, and that just annoys me.Ahh well at £100 loads of people will buy it cos it looks good, most likely all wee kids, but don't.
  9. avatar Niall Harden
    Re: above comments on Zoom 707
    see also Korg AX1G

    that's what i meant, basically
  10. avatar dodgi stereo
    Not wanting to actually give away too much on the opinion front I think I have a valid piece of info.

    Not all DOD pedals are poor. True, a lot of the distortion units designed at the end of the 1980's were a little irritatingly one dimensional. It must be said that during the 90's they played catch up and made some truley unique units.

    Buzz box. raw square wave distortion/fuzz with octave effect. Your average speaker will distort too. Sounds of self destruction.

    Gonkulator. a more brittle/zingy fuzz with a ringmodulator. Clanky synth tones a la Devo/Pigface. Leftfield/Industrial.

    Vibro thang. A curious sounding modulation that combines tremolo, chorus, and phaser. Subtle and atmospheric. Very usable.

    These are just three examples of quality "NEU" sounds some of their pedals can create. As opposed to trying to recreate the sound of something vintage/retro/cool.

    Everyones' ears are differently educated though
  11. avatar Niall Harden
    I bought a Zoom UF-01 Ultra Fuzz a few days ago, ad it's tremendous. Really, really, really good. There are 6 dials and you can get any fuzz sound at all from it... and more. Plus the overall build quality and sound quality are brilliant.
    Whilst I'm here, someone tell me what delay pedal to get? Akai Headrush / Line 6 DE4 / Ibanez DE7 / Boss DD-3/DD-5 / other?
  12. avatar evelknievellives
    The Boss Digital Delay pedals are pretty much the industry standard delay pedals.They are what a lot of Professional musicians use, but the BOSS RV-3 seems to be the main choice for a lot of people right now.It has Reverb and Delay and is a bit more expensive, but it has a lot more options and possibilities.

    But the Line6 DL4, is in my opinion the mutz nutz when it comes to delay and echo.It has the most settings, and it has a loop sampler that has up to 14 seconds of memory and it can hold up to four settings at once that can be accessed independantly.It is a class act.It beginning to be used more commonly now amongst professionals and by guitar players in big bands because of its options.It is more expensive again.But it is well worth it, Bairds have one, so you could go try it out as i did, even though i didn't buy it, but it sounds great.
    You can check out some sample sounds of it on the line6 website @ www.line6.com, then go to the stompboxes and do the stompboxes section, then to stompbox tour, and check out the sounds, they are all amazing.
  13. avatar Suki Monster
    The boss is tha industry standard and fantastic and tha line 6 is also very very very very good.
  14. avatar evelknievellives
    right you guys i need a wee bit of help, well some suggestions anyway.

    I just got an Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi brought back from america for me, it is the big black russian made one though, and i think it is top class, but i as yet haven't got it tweaked properly.

    What i was wonderin was if any of you guys use one, or have used one, could you please tell me what some of the settings were that you used on it to get a sweet sound, just so i get a fair idea of where to set mine.

  15. avatar glzebub of four star
    right here's my wee opinion on what i've owned.
    marshall guvnor mk2. excellent overdrive, sort of like a jcm800, if you like slash, this pedal is £45 and sounds fab, good on lower gain bluesy stuff too, but really no metal. good as boss overdrive and cheaper and looks cooler, through valve amp - superb.

    danelectro fab tone.
    eh....@#%$ tone, sounds like a boss metal zone, controls don't work, ok if you just want real heavy @#%$.cheap also.

    boss hyper fuzz.
    just @#%$. only used the boost mode, fuzz1 and fuzz2 crap.

    digitech rp2000, not really for me but i really can't fault it, huge range of useable and very good sounds, just needs a lot of tweaking.

    digitech rp100, nowhere near the rp2000, ok, used just through headphones for late night shenanigans.

    proco vintage rat- totally @#%$ ace! just massive, my fav sound, use constantly now.

    morley wah/volume- good "fat rock wah" tone, nothin'funky here, volume ok, not enough effective travel on the pedal though.