1. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
  2. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    after last gig's wonderful International Women's Day celebrations, it's time for NORTH WEST (K)NIGHT--
    a celebration of all things from the North West of the provence:


    MUSIC from:--

    BOATHOUSE featuring Donegal's Amy McGarrigle

    DAVID DRYDEN (Derry)

    JUSTIN K BLACK (an American living in the North West)

    POETRY from:--
    the legendary POETRY CHICKS (Derry)


    Artwork (in poster form) from:--

    Come one come all for a night of North Western fun...


    [Special thanks to Penjen for helping put this together...]
  3. avatar gl2200
    [quote:b9d388533d="FiddlerOnTheRoof"]BOATHOUSE featuring Donegal's Amy McGarrigle
    http://www.boathouseband.com [/quote:b9d388533d]

    Are you sure you have the right Amy there?
  4. avatar PenJen
    My first post!
    Hi there,

    It's definately a different Amy from the Amy in the band. [b:ac9738eed8]Amy McG[/b:ac9738eed8] is joining [b:ac9738eed8]Boathouse[/b:ac9738eed8] on the night, for that, I'm sure.

    Also a little bit more info on all of the above should yez want a wee idea - bar [b:ac9738eed8]Boathouse[/b:ac9738eed8] as they are well-known by the majority here, I suspect.

    [b:ac9738eed8][color=Yellow:ac9738eed8]Amy McGarrigle[/color:ac9738eed8][/b:ac9738eed8]



    Poetry Chicks[/color:ac9738eed8][/b:ac9738eed8]

    [i:ac9738eed8]"The Poetry Chicks are fast becoming the beat in the poetry heart of Northern Ireland. If you want to be moved by words and the gifted voices of three superb poets open your minds to [b:ac9738eed8]Abby Oliveira, Jenni Doherty[/b:ac9738eed8] & [b:ac9738eed8]Pamela Brown[/b:ac9738eed8], your world will be different for the experience".[/i:ac9738eed8]

    [b:ac9738eed8]John G.Hall [/b:ac9738eed8]- [b:ac9738eed8]Editor of Citizen32[/b:ac9738eed8] Literary Magazine, Manchester

    Three Voices - Too True - One Mission: to stimulate, inform, educate, challenge and entertain through the creative medium of performance poetry with varying creative style, experience, skill and attitude and have performed all over the North. They will present a snapshot of their show [b:ac9738eed8]AlphabeTitudeZ[/b:ac9738eed8] - an A to Z of what it's like to be a woman in modern times - under the selected theme of [b:ac9738eed8]War & Peace[/b:ac9738eed8], complete with music and visuals.

    [b:ac9738eed8] http://www.poetrychicks.com [/b:ac9738eed8]



    Justin Black [/color:ac9738eed8][/b:ac9738eed8]

    Born in Jonesboro, Arkansas 20 miles from Memphis, TN, close to where [b:ac9738eed8]Johnny Cash [/b:ac9738eed8]grew up, Justin starting singing aged 10yrs and has become an avid Cash fan. Justin's influences also include Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews and Damien Rice. A very versatile and original performer, Justin now resides in Derry and is well-known and respected on the local music circuit.

    [b:ac9738eed8] http://www.justinblackmusic.com [/b:ac9738eed8]

    [b:ac9738eed8] http://www.myspace.com/justinkmusic [/b:ac9738eed8]



    David Dryden[/color:ac9738eed8][/b:ac9738eed8]

    Singer/songwriter from Derry who's music has been described as [b:ac9738eed8]'powerful medicine'[/b:ac9738eed8], David is a regular at the weekly [i:ac9738eed8]Open Mic [/i:ac9738eed8]and [i:ac9738eed8]629 Sessions[/i:ac9738eed8] held at [b:ac9738eed8]Mason's Bar, Derry[/b:ac9738eed8] and will be playing there also this [b:ac9738eed8]Friday, 23rd March[/b:ac9738eed8].

    [b:ac9738eed8] http://www.myspace.com/ahoybreakdown [/b:ac9738eed8]



    Ronan Carr[/color:ac9738eed8][/b:ac9738eed8]

    Film-maker and writer from Dublin, now based in Derry, Ronan has written several feature films and short subjects. He won the [b:ac9738eed8]UIP Director's Award [/b:ac9738eed8] for his short [b:ac9738eed8]Coolockland [/b:ac9738eed8]and is currently working on another short called [b:ac9738eed8]Begging Your Pardon[/b:ac9738eed8], although his real ambition lies in washing machine repair.
    [b:ac9738eed8]Peace (Cubed)[/b:ac9738eed8] featured recently at the [i:ac9738eed8]Foyle Film Festival[/i:ac9738eed8] and stars [b:ac9738eed8]Undertones's[/b:ac9738eed8] frontman, [b:ac9738eed8]Paul McCloone[/b:ac9738eed8].



    EVE ...a celebration of creative women[/b:ac9738eed8][/color:ac9738eed8]

    The [b:ac9738eed8]EVE Project[/b:ac9738eed8] began as an anthology of all-female work (in both book and CD format) involving over 55 women, with poetry, fiction, music, art, photography, ceramics, drama & dance, from all over the North West of Ireland and published by [b:ac9738eed8]Guildhall Press, Derry[/b:ac9738eed8] in March 2006. Selected art work and photography from the book will be on display on the night in poster form.

    [b:ac9738eed8] http://www.myspace.com/theeveproject [/b:ac9738eed8]

    [b:ac9738eed8] http://www.ghpress.com [/b:ac9738eed8]



    Anyway, we're all looking forward to the night and I've told all performing that they have to dress in the same attire as is on the poster... so, let's see and here's hoping we'll see some of ye there!



    [b:ac9738eed8]PS:[/b:ac9738eed8] Erm, I've just had a wee read of the thread here called [b:ac9738eed8]WHAT IS THE PAVILION LIKE?[/b:ac9738eed8] and now don't know what to expect. None of us Derry wans have been there before (well, I think I had a pint (or three) downstairs in the bar last year. (Not too sure... it was dark...I was tipsey... but the chips were good) then haddy run for a bus to get another bus home and some mad fecker (on the first bus) slagged off my accent and said I sounded like a friggin' rugby player. Grr... Well, truth be told at least none of us sound like Dana or Nadine, Gawd forbid.
  5. avatar Beau Sooth
    Just to confirm that it's Amy McGarrigle with us on Thursday night. Amy Laverty had to leave us to focus on her Uni stuff and Amy McGarrigle has kindly joined us. Very excited about this! :-D

    It's been so crazy recently I haven't had the chance to update the sites and post the new news so sorry about that one!

    Any ideas on stage times?
  6. avatar gl2200
    [quote:fe604c3da4="Beau Sooth"]Any ideas on stage times?[/quote:fe604c3da4]

    Aaargh. Due to another potentially overfull bill and the tendency for the TKOTRT gigs to often run dangerously close to the 1AM danger zone I guess we'll be trying to get the first act (whoever that may be) on as close to 9 o'clock as is humanly possible.
  7. avatar PenJen
    If it helps, well, the Poetry Chicks are doing two 15min slots (which might stretch to a complete set of 40 mins at the very most in total as we have music & visuals); Ronan's film lasts 15mins and both David and Justin will most likely play for about 20-30 mins each - So, all under 2 hrs from the gang from the NW.

    That said, I think there might be an Open Mic at the beginning of the night, but I'm not too sure. We're also keen to get started in and around 9ishpm.

    Hope that helps.

  8. avatar Beau Sooth
    This is tonight folks, should be a good night so come along :D
  9. avatar Beau Sooth
    T'was a late one indeed!....the dangers of open mic, although the open mic acts were excellent in my opinion. The Poetry Chicks also entertained...one of them told us we were 'sandwich'....(I think...I was pretty wrecked!)...something that I've never heard before but I like sandwiches so it sounds good :D

    Amy McGarrigle was excellent in her first gig with us so all's good!

    Fun had! :D

    Did a party happen after all? Eamo seemed determined!
  10. avatar PenJen
    Hey Beau,

    Jen & Abby here... and Abby would like to point out that the band were SAVAGE and not 'sandwich' (but the 'jamming' was cool). Lol.

    Have te say that we all had a wicked night - cheers to all involved and who turned up - (especially Connor who was brave enough to dance with one of the Chicks - bless 'em).

    And aye, there was a wee party afterwards... until about 7isham... Oh, and as for Eamo? Well, he fell at the first hurdle... lol

    Sure, we'll see yez in Mason's too.

    The PCs
  11. avatar Beau Sooth
    [quote:b5e2fabd1e="PenJen"]Hey Beau,

    Jen & Abby here... and Abby would like to point out that the band were SAVAGE and not 'sandwich' (but the 'jamming' was cool). Lol.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Damn it I'm gonna start using 'sandwich' as an adjective anyway!
  12. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    [quote:359c1c2839="Beau Sooth"]one of them told us we were 'sandwich'....[/quote:359c1c2839] :lol:

    I really enjoyed last night. Sometimes putting the gigs together can be stressful, but collaborating with Penjen in getting the evening together was really good fun; I'd love to do something like this again if The Poetry Chicks would be up for making the big journey to the Pavilion again a little down the line.

    A moment I particularly LIKED was where David invited Justin up to jam with him during his singer-songwriter set.
    And a moment I particularly HATED was when I announced the evening's film as "The Love That Dare Not Squeak Its Name"... when it's actual name was "Peace(Cubed)"!! What in the name of sweet Jesus was going on with that!

    The film was well on the wacky side! :-D Derry humour is a world unto itself.

    And the Artwork from the Eve Project - reproduced in poster form from the actual book - was Sandwich (as Gerry would say). I hadn't expected it to be so varied and to the standard it was. No wonder the book itself has done so well.

    The sound for Boathouse was probably the best I've ever heard it, at the Pavilion or elsewhere. No mean feat considering the wide mix of instrumentation. The trumpet particularly was coming through well. Amy (newest member) seemed right at home up there too.
  13. avatar Beau Sooth
    I've been to a good few Knights nights in the past and I thought that the film was one of the best single events I've seen at the event....not only funny but very original! The guy from the current Undertones (Paul McCloone) was excellent in the film. In fact it was artistically the best knights night I've been at! The open mic stuff was excellent!

  14. avatar PenJen
    Was all our pleasure being there. Here's hoping to same again in the near future. We do hope to catch Boathouse and of course, the Delawares when ye are playing up (quite literally,eh?!) at Mason's 629 some Friday.

    Will also pass on the great comments to Ronan - he'll be delighted. All-in-all a jam-packed night's craic.

    So, here's to more 'sarnies'... :-D

    (Ps: And Tom - hey, it takes a woman, ye know. lol).
  15. avatar gl2200
    Boathouse are currently one of Belfast's best kept musical secrets.