1. avatar the*optimist
    Hey we had some pedals stolen (amongst other things) If you hear anything at all about similar pedals be sold on cheap please let me know! We have the serials and I would to catch the wee buggers.

    Boss DD6
    Boss Graphic Equalizer
    Boss Mega Distortion
    Marshall Jack Hammer
    Boss Tuner (TU2)

    Thats all I know that has been stolen so far going up to check rest of damage now. Cheers very much.
  2. avatar chrisjedijane
    that's terrible, what happened?
  3. avatar the*optimist
    Basically Toms little sister had a house party and some cunts broke into our band room and nabbed the pedals. Thankfully nothing else was touched. however its still a shitter because we don't have the money to replace the pedals and we have gigs in the near future.

    There was also cases of champagne and wine stolen from the garage and it's being reported tomorrow and hopefully the fingerprints will reveal something. We have a suspect who asked another guy how much the pedals would be worth yet he doesn't play guitar and he's our main guy. So hopefully if we apply some pressure we will get them back.
  4. avatar campfiredisco
    why the hell do bastards like this take time to steal peoples eqipment! they obvoiusly dont understand how fecking personal musical equipment is! a mate of mine had his guitar stolen from the tech in derry a while back, but the twat sold it to cash generator, and even got his photo taken wit the guitar there!!hahaha, easily caught anyway that twat, hope your scumbag is as easily found man!
  5. avatar the*optimist
    Thanks man! I hope we do to! Band mates are currently scaring through the pawn shops in Belfast as I type.
  6. avatar Pete
    Dan I'll stick this to the top of the page.

    You guys know you can give me a call for a lend of anything you might need until you get something sorted.
  7. avatar the*optimist
    Hey Pete thanks very much! We borrowed a delay and distortion and coughed up the money for the eq. Police were round finger printing and just told us to phone up second hand shops and leave the details
  8. avatar remainsofyouth
    hey kowalskis. Do you need a lend of a DD6 tomorrow night at this gig? Or are you sorted ok. let Hendy know as he has one which i doubt he will be using tomorrow when playing drums
  9. avatar Soup_Nazi
    Did these pedals ever turn up?
  10. avatar the*optimist
    I wish they had! We couldn't pin anyone down on it. And our insurance didn't cover us, bad times.