1. avatar antojasper
    I like my acoustic guitar a lot, it's a Fender AG-36 and it sounds and plays beautifully.

    Unfortunately it has no pickup and can't be amplified without mikes.

    I want to buy an acoustic pickup so I can use it in live shows.

    The qualities I am looking for in such a pick up are:
    - Cheapness (but not nastiness)
    - Hardwearing
    - Good sound fidelity: I'm not looking for slavish detailed audible spectrum reproduction just something that won't introduce a lot of it's own crappness into the sound.
    - Removable and fittable without serious modifications to my guitar.
    Preferrably one that can be left on without significantly affecting the unplugged sound.

    Am I asking to much, MAX cost; hopefully not much more than 100 squid. Edited by: antojasper at: 10/24/01 1:12:35 pm
  2. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    I am by no means an expert on this, but I personally have never heard an acoustic pick-up that sounds good, and I have heard a few, but you should really wait and see what the big boys say about it. I'm in work and I'm bored you see.
  3. avatar EPK
    I have the answer to your predicament.....the Seymour Duncan Woody.
    Should be around £70,slots into your soundhole without scratching the sides,as it has expandable foam around the deges which help wedge it into position.
    Sounds excellent in live use,very natural sound...not yer metallic type trebley scrape...I've been using it for about 8 years.
  4. avatar antojasper
    If I may be so bold...

    Who sells them?
  5. avatar EPK
    Bairds will get you one....that's where I got mine.
    If not,gimme a shout, I'd sell mine for about £30 as I really don't use it live anymore, and don't intend to in future.
  6. avatar antojasper
    Having taken Eamonn up on his kind offer I can indeed now affirm the professed goodness of said pickup.