1. avatar xfirefishx
    Hey, my friend's band is doing a European tour in october (1st-14th) and she is looking for a gig in belfast. I thought I'd post on here to find someone who would be more suited to hosting this gig than I am. She once looked after the Dangerfields (well, organised a gig and let them stay in her house - I think) so it's only fair to return the favour!

    "We are a DIY Band called BLOCKSHOT and we are planning to head on our own little tour of Europe between October 1st-14th. Blockshot is a garagy post-riot-grrl indie punk band with lots of ambition and attitude but no arrogance. We are playing with Partyline in April and are deeply rooted in the underground network, putting on shows and tours for other bands here. Fatzo, our keyboard player also is in Fluid To Gas a legendary Post-Hc band a la Fugazi. The keyboard is the most distinct feature of our sound, being really quirky and weird, while the rest is more rocky and cutting edge. We're two girls and two guys who are ready to play wherever whenever and hope you can relate to our music. We've been compared to bands like Sleater-Kinney and Sonic Youth. Simple heart-felt songs that make us happy. You can find us at myspace.com/blockshotrock"

    If anyone can help or is interested, can you PM me or email me if you know my addy.
  2. avatar ssmcmullan
    Is that the girl who drove / looked after Gertrude?
  3. avatar xfirefishx
    Yeah, same girl.