1. avatar clairegodublin
    This is boxed and I have only used it a few times. I am asking £30 for it.

  2. avatar MtCaramel
    Mate, I was just about to buy one of there tomorrow. 1 gb?
  3. avatar clairegodublin
    Yea sorry I should have said it is 1gb.
  4. avatar MtCaramel
    Actually here, I just checked with my work, and the Dixons in the airport is doing for £39. And that would save me having to get the bus down. Thanks anyway. I'm sure you'll sell it.
  5. avatar clairegodublin
    On Dixons official website the first gen iPod (older model) is £45 for 512mb.
  6. avatar MtCaramel
    Tax free, plus airport pass 8)
  7. avatar clairegodublin
    2nd generation 1gb model?
  8. avatar MtCaramel
    Aye. I'll take a photo if you don't believe me :lol: