1. avatar Sic Larke
    I've had a Floyd-rose unit on my ibanez for about 6yrs & i've never been shown how to use it.
    It's only through hours of hair tearing that i've figured out the basics.

    I am frustrated when I want to alternate tuning, or detune my guitar because the Floy-rose is locked.
    I've heard of a few gadgets which help with this problem.

    So does anyone know of any gadgets that'll let me detune without recking my guitar, or any web-sites for advice.
    If you know of any floyd-rose gadgets, let me know the name of it & where it can be purchased.



  2. avatar Suki Monster
    The english guitar make Mason has invented a device that will drop youe E string to a D for dropped d tuning. When i had a guitar with a floyd rose i kept the locking nut for the 5th and sixth string open so i could use dropped D. Although if you dont use the floyd for bending up i reccomend you collapse the floyd so it rests against the guitar and ditch the locking system altogether as it is a bit of a pain in the ass.Hope i helped.
  3. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    The EVH D-Tuna will allow you to detune to DropD... but they're a pain in the @#%$, and the first thing I took off my Kramer when I got it - they effectively stop any upbend on the trem, coz they dig into the top of your guitar. Handy.

    They're pretty cheap (~£35 methinx - I'll sell you mine for £15 :) ) but I don't like 'em.

    You can always just screw your low E fine tuner nearly all the way to the bottom before locking the nut, then you should be just about able to detune to D using it... which is actually handy.

  4. avatar Suki Monster
    you could buy another guitar and use one for normal tuning and one for alt tunings. :)
  5. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Agreed, youre better off forgetting about detuning with a floyd, thats not what theyre built for and trying to circumvent it will only @#%$ everything up.
  6. avatar Sic Larke
    Thanks, i've checked 'em out & heard they're not very good.
    I was however informed of a device called the 'tremsetter'...are they any good???

    Heard they stop the floyd screwing up when a string breaks & they're supposedly handy for detuning, even as much as a whole 2 tones

    So are 'tremsetters' any good???
  7. avatar FeverDream
    My first post!
    Man, I would say get rid of the Floyd Rose.
    They are nothing but hassle.

    Go for a stop tailed guitar, offers better tone and sustain.

    If you want a whammy, get a Strat with a locking top nut and have it set up so as you can pull up 1/4 to 1/2 step sharp.
  8. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Argh, noooooo! Floyd's are the way forward... obviously they're a bit crap for detuning, but no other trem (no matter how good) is gonna have the stability of a Floyd. Even locking Kahler's can't match 'em. If you lube you nut up well, and use decent locking tuners, you might just get away with a "traditional" trem like on a Strat, but I wouldn't bet on it...