1. avatar Corrupted O)))
    I need to pay for a vinyl haul. PM me with offers for this stuff:

    Clutch Burning Beard 7"
    Songs Ohia / Glen Hansard split 7"
    The Waltons 7"
    Dio Holy Diver LP
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Green River LP
    The Mission Gods Own Medicine LP
    Terence Trent Darby's Symphony Or Damn LP
    Eric's Trip Love Tara LP Sub Pop
    Credit To The Nation Take Dis LP
    The Aphex Twin Classics LP
    Slipknot ST LP Green vinyl
    Electric Wizard Dopethrone promo CD in slipcase
    Rory Gallagher Photo Finish CD
    Rory Gallagher Blueprint CD
    Carrion The Crime Of Idle Hands CD
    Grotus Brown CD
    Jimmy Eat World Bleed American CD
    Slo Burn Amusing The Amazing CD
    Battletorn Wild Blind And Screaming CD