1. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Did i just dream that performance by Scooch on Eurovision MYMU?

    "Would you like something to suck on for landing, sir?"
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  2. avatar mcclurg
    rofl, i don't believe they beat justin hawkins. i'm not surprised he walked offstage angry..
  3. avatar kingbowski
    I hope Lordi mauled em backstage.
  4. avatar drakeguild
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  5. avatar mcclurg
    hehe, how true :P but is it just me or were they just like an out of date ripoff of steps?
  6. avatar Gogs
    [quote:604691ca2b="mcclurg"]hehe, how true :P but is it just me or were they just like an out of date ripoff of steps?[/quote:604691ca2b]

    They formed in 1999 which was around the height of Steps popularity..
  7. avatar Speed Demon
    It seemed to me to be more inspired by Alan Cumming's sitcom "The High Life".

    And they even did a Eurovision song:

    Actually, I thought it was easily the best entry for the purposes of competing in Eurovision.
  8. avatar mcclurg
    what, the purposes of looking like morons, being shit music and overall failing?
  9. avatar kingmob
    It's Eurovision for fĂșck's sake - that's [i:fd2e61920d]precisely[/i:fd2e61920d] the point.

    I thought Scooch were comedy. Although the look on Brian Harvey's face when he was told he was the least popular act was all at once heatbreaking and utterly hilarious.

    I'm surprised he didn't gatecrash Scooch's victory performance in his BMW by running over himself again.
  10. avatar fastfude
    I got halfway through the first act and had to supress the urge to enter the launch codes. Bring back Ted & Dougal.
  11. avatar Achey
    There was one I heard as I was heading out that was a complete rip off of "You Raise me Up"

    Pathetic, really...
  12. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Here it is in all its glory.. [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kNoAddyUMQ]Flying The Flag (For You)... [size=7:fc700f0564]yes that's BRACKETS "For You"[/size:fc700f0564][/url]

    of course, the most hilarious bit (apart from scooch's performance) was the mix up at the end where Wogan announced Cyndi as the winner.

    Sorry there, Cyndi! :-D[size=7:fc700f0564][/size:fc700f0564]
  13. avatar the er
    i just watched that scooch performance....holy crap, the comedy value is priceless tho hahaha
  14. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Such baps on yer wan though.

    Even if the other character of dubious gender looks like a cross between Kryten and Ru Paul.
  15. avatar fastfude
    I demand their next single be a happy-hardcore anthem about the Airbus journey from Aldergrove to Great Victoria Street.
  16. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    anyone would think they didn'y want to win the eurovision...