1. avatar mcclurg
    Are there any venues which are willing to give an 80s hair metal band a slot? mostly originals, with the odd cover. It won't be straight away, but in the near future, more likely closer to the summer.
  2. avatar Corrupted O)))
    Try the Distortion Project. They put on metal on a Saturday afternoon in Katy Dalys. I fancy some hair metal. I had a load of vinyl blasting out this shit last Friday. David Lee Roth , Kingdom Come, Enuff Znuff, Love/Hate, Slaughter, Scorpions, Tigertailz, Bulletboys, Winger.....................
  3. avatar mcclurg
    that's what i like to hear (H) if you're a rhythm guitarist and looking for a band... :P
  4. avatar pointblank
    pointblank in Laverys Bunker - Live Metal the last wednesday of the month - would love to put some 80s hair metal on!

  5. avatar tingtatingtingtingtating
    If you go to that band "Nice'N'Sleazy"s myspace or something and find out where they're playin you could get ideas where an 80's hair metal band would play! Or do they even gig? I don't know - Just seen 'em on TV a few weeks back..