1. avatar Niall Harden
    i am slowly coming round to the idea that a good PC could really help me making music n stuff... however, i've got very behind the times and really have no idea what i'd need (or even what i'd do with it
    ). what sort of posh soundcard would i need? and surely a mixer outside the PC, and a MIDI Keyboard n stuff?

    incidentally, this was brought on by the new Aphex Twin album, and how brilliant it is, and me sitting open mouthed going I WANNA BE ABLE TO DO THAT
  2. avatar antojasper
    I asked Daithi this very question a wee while ago
    -Sound Blaster platinum Live soundcard
    -at least 128 Mb RAM
    -at least 10 Gb Hard Drive
    -A processor about 600-1000 Mhz

    should do the job, he says - and since that's about the spec he has, and it works... well I guess it's OK.

    I noticed an advert in this issue of Makin' Music, for a dedicated computer mixer from Tascam that can be used to record direct to your PC and controls a lot of functions in Cubase, directly.
  3. avatar The Fires of Hell

    Talent is unfortunately a pre-requisite
  4. avatar The Fires of Hell
    My soundcard came bundled with this here Getaway, its a creative 128. Probably dirt cheap these days (1yr old) but it does everything. Cubase runs very smoothly (p500/128 )
    and I have never really needed to do any funny business, its been largely cooperative. Edited by: The Fires of Hell at: 10/25/01 4:38:13 pm
  5. avatar EPK
    The Tascam add on is expensive (£650+)
    PC requirments aren't that great.....I've done good stuff on a P2 400.....but I'd recommend (for lotsa audio tracks) at least a P3 500 with 256 meg RAM. Hard disc of at least 5-8 gig will suffice at the start.
    SB Live Platinums the cheapest good card.
  6. avatar feline1
    One of the most important considerations (in my humble personal opinion) when choosing a computer to make music on is how NOISY it is:

    many of them make a name racket, with power supply fans, processor fans, hard drives whirring ranhnd and rahnd at 7600rpm, and maybe even a fan on ewer graphics card.

    However, if ewe get a PC with more specialist components, ewe can get one which is nigh on silent (oh, the bliss!)

    try [url]http://www.quietpc.com[/url] for starters.

    I got one of their "Silent Drive" things, which did indeed shut up the noise of my whining whirring hard drive, and enables me to hear the roar of my power supply & processor fans much more clearly ;-)
  7. avatar EPK
    Find a cheap MFI bedside locker thing, and take the leads out a hole in the back. It'll certainly cut down on the noise.
    However after a while it may overheat and explode though, but hey...that's rock n'roll.