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    Ah, so you want to do a wee bit of travelling now do ye? You've heard of a place called Derry and think it could be a nice place to play but you don't have a clue about the place, eh? Well read on as the dark mysteries of this eerie town are revealed.
    Ok, basically Derry can be fantastic or it can be the biggest waste of time ever. Unless you get a decent date in a decent venue you and your band could be out of pocket. The music scene in Derry has always fluctuated but there are about half a dozen venues in Derry that still have the capability to get the audience that you want for you band.
    7~8 Magazine street, Derry, NI, bt48 6HJ
    contact: Tony Dotherty (02871) 260562
    email: tonyt@nerve-centre.org.uk"> tonyt@nerve-centre.org.uk
    Capacity: Venue - 600 bar - 100
    This venue has probably the biggest reputation in Derry. It has hosted some international acts such as Ian Browne, Shane Mac Gowan and The Devine Comedy. The venue has a terrific sound system and has a nice stage as well. To get on the main venue you have to send off your demo and phone up the venue a few days later.
    If you feel like you can host your own night in there you'll have to do fair bit of work to guarantee success. You'll have to do all the promotion yourself unless you pay for one of their staff and believe me it is vital that your gig publicised cause I've come to watch bands with only 3 people there to keep me company.
    63 Waterloo street, Derry, BT48 6HD
    Contact: Monga(02871) 263513
    Capacity: downstairs-200 upstairs-300
    Ever read the tale of two cities? Well this is the bar version for young bands. If you get a week night upstairs you could be playing in front of your own band members and a couple of bored bar staff. To prevent this get a local band to support you and at the very least you'll get them to come to your gig. They have a sound system and a stage but don't rely on either of these. Hire in a local sound guy (ask for Paul Sayers) unless your a genius with sound systems and spaghetti. Terry or Monga will let you have upstairs for free and you shouldn't charge any more than £2 cause the clientele are the tightest in the country. Terry is a young bloke and doesn't mind a bit of Punkish music but he's a bit tedious about letting bands run amok downstairs. The Desk has just been stolen so sort it out b4 u leave.
    Bands aim for a gig DOWNSTAIRS any night of the week and you'll be set. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in here are the best for live music in Derry. Terry will usually pay £160+ to bands. There is no PA downstairs so you'll have to hire out again. Have a good gig here and you'll be made gods.
    27/31 Waterloo Street, Derry.
    Contact: Les Doherty (02871) 271315
    Capacity: 350
    Nice venue with nice people. Les usually books cover bands to please the teenyboppers but occasionally takes in an original band to make sure his soul is saved from the devil. Les will pay £160+ for a band but believe me he'll not book you unless he thinks he can make a bit of money from it. The crowd is used to cover bands but the true music lovers will make their way to the front to watch the bands. There is no PA here so you'll have to hire out one again. Ask Les to arrange it for you as he knows Paul Sayers quite well (£40 should cover it). The Lighting system there is one to be proud of and it'll make you look like the stars that you are. Any day from Wed - Sat are good. Theres a gig listing in the bar so people will know what's in store for them. Let him know what your influences are because if he likes the bands that you mention he's more likely to give you a date.
    Waterloo street, Derry
    Contact: (02871) 267716
    Capacity: Upstairs - 175
    Isn't *too* difficult to get a gig in here. For an unknown band, to play upstairs without local support will probably mean playing in front of nobody. They have their own sound system but don't supply mics& leads (make sure to confirm this as the situation often changes). Unless one of your band are knowlegable in the art of P.A.'s, it would be wise to hire a local soundguy. During the school year students like this place cause of its' £1 drink promo's. Don't Charge more than £2/£3.
    26 Waterloo Street ,derry BT48 6HF
    contact: head of entertainments - 028 7126 3118
    capacity: downstairs - 150 upstairs - 100
    Bit of a weird place. Downstairs will suit an acoustic singer/songwriter thing. Most nights, there is usually an irish traditional session but they can host touring artists as well. Upstairs, they basically offer you a room with a cuple of beer taps. You'll have to arrange everything regards PA and musical equipment. You get to keep the money made at the door. Unless you're condfident Id advise a local support band here as well.
    Those really are the only decent venues where you'll get the crowd you're after. Heres a list of no-gos:
    The Strand Bar (35, Strand Rd, Derry. Tel: 02871 366910):- Gets a good crowd but you may as well play all your songs backwards for the amount attention the they'll give you. If you play there, theyll give you about £180. Only one original band have played there for as long as i know.
    The Rialto(Market Street, (02871)26 0516): Waste of 10p on the phone call unless you're Joe Dolan. All- seated.
    Check out the "Independant Hostel" on 4 Asylum Rd-(028 7137 7989). According to their site you can get a bed from £9.
    "Derry City Hostel",4-6 Magazine Street (028 71280280) is now closed.
    Both hostels are in the city centre and "Derry City Hostel" in particular is litterlly just next door to The Nerve centre and other venues along Waterloo street.
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    thats a great post that with information that ill defo be using in the future, thanks for that
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    might want to edit the bit about the dungloe. Downstairs is turning into one bar and theyre going to have live bands on, think theyre trying to compete with the gweedore. could be good, mite be shite
  4. avatar swaneeriver
    also might want to add -

    the gweedore - talk to phil or willie now and they now pay 220 downstairs
    they have recently refurbished upstairs and added a new sound system

    the bound for boston - les now pays 220 - 230 and they have a sound system and a sound man - big liono' or paul mcdaid

    sandinos - opening a new venue above cool discs which will hold about 300

    dungloe - new sound system and upstairs enlarged

    carriac bar (yes i know!) starting new band night called gardens of rock - ill post details later in the week about this - some guy chris organising it

    the linen hall- shite venue, but pays 250 now which isnt bad

    the river inn every wed night - open mic night with the occassional band every so often - run by big marty 'skeets'
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    Really Useful post that cheers for the info!
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    Hey Stevie! Conor here from the HND. Is that true about Sandino's? That'd be fuckin schweet! Sandino's great wee venue as it is!
  7. avatar swaneeriver
    aye its true right nuff,
    i was talking to ann and kwa the other nite at celtronic and they said it should only be a few weeks now before its opened! so happy days

    wats the craic anyway conor ya metal long haired freak?! haha
  8. avatar swaneeriver
    aye its true right nuff,
    i was talking to ann and kwa the other nite at celtronic and they said it should only be a few weeks now before its opened! so happy days

    wats the craic anyway conor ya metal long haired freak?! haha
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    [size=18:8be6f86545]ECHO [/size:8be6f86545][size=12:8be6f86545]ECHO [/size:8be6f86545][size=9:8be6f86545]ECHO[/size:8be6f86545]
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    anyone fancy throwing about a few band names that would bring in a good crowd for en ep launch?
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    does anyone put acousticy things on up there? or use acoustci suport...
    i wouldnt mind broadening my horizons a little bit