1. avatar tiernan
    My first post!
    My apologies for this blatant plug, I used to post on here years ago so I though I'd drop by...

    Public Relations Exercise will release their debut full-length album through the indefatigable Field Records (home of lafaro). 'Come you are safe we are from the bombs' will be officially released on the 2nd April, which appears to be a great day for music...

    Rocksound call the album 'a triumph without compromise'. I'd probably agree with that.

    The album will be available through from all good record shops and is available to pre-order from most sites including Amazon, tesco, HMV and so on.

    Here be a launch performances in various cites (see site for details).

    If you're not convinced there are some tracks from the album on their myspace, feedback is always most welcome.

    We thank you,

    Public Relations Exercise