1. avatar thepalemonarch
    For sale is 1 metallic white Ibanez Prestige RG.
    Its 2 years old, ordered from the Ibanez Custom Shop and originally cost me £750. Its Mint condition except for 1 chip on the back of the body. Pics show it fitted whith EMG pickups, but will be sold with either original Ibanez pickps or Duncans, your choice. I think £500 is a reasonable price for this standard of guitar. Im willing to barter a little ofcourse, so lets see how it goes. Belfast Based.

  2. avatar thepalemonarch

    To hear this guitar being used, checkout www.myspace.com/paradoxprofile
  3. avatar mcclurg
    i got this guitar with seymour duncans for new for £490 in guitar emporium, don't buy this at this extortionate price
  4. avatar thepalemonarch
    Well i will take that into consideration then.

    No need to direct your hate thisway dude , perhaps a nice
    "well actually this guitar is available cheaper from the guitar emporium" would have done.

    Now selling on the basis of £490 new.
  5. avatar VimFuego
    Realistically, with the large ding on the back, you would expect to get £350 for this.
  6. avatar mcclurg
    yeah £350 sounds about right. and sorry, i didn't mean it to sound confrontational, i was just pointing it out :(
  7. avatar thepalemonarch
    Bumpidy Bump Bump Tshhh!
  8. avatar thepalemonarch
    Hmmm i didnt expect as little interest as this....

    Well its still for sale, and now includes the EMG pickups , 81 bridge 85 neck .

    Gimme an offer and get this rolling