1. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Roland TD3 electronic drum kit - as new - brilliant for practice/recording rough demos - 450 quid o.n.o

    Contact: heavens_to_murgatroidd@hotmail.co.uk
  2. avatar greensleevesisgod
  3. avatar rhythmdivine
    alright chris

    thats the same kit outta of tech isnt it? mesh head for snare and all that lark. i have a yamaha dtxplorer, and should have spent that wee bit extra to make all the difference.

    i would be interested but have to sell my electric kit first

  4. avatar greensleevesisgod
    I think the one in tech is a td6 or something. But yeah mesh snare. It's Phil's kit, Phil. So give him a wee email at the address above :wink: