1. avatar rigsyATL
    just a bit of warning, like....we have some oxegen tickets to give away on ATL this monday night!

    7.30 - 10pm
    BBC Radio Ulster
    94.5 FM
    listen online www.bbc.co.uk/atl

    also on Mondays show (it's a cracker!)

    - DEFTONES SPECIAL - interview with Chino & Dave
    - boxfresh band: JUST JACK spills the beans....
    - product of northern ireland: THE DANGERFIELDS profiled
    - the already legendary GLITCH continues with CONOR TRACEY mashing up over 20 tracks in 10 minutes!
    - THE LINE UP has all your gig listings
    - and we have a session from local faves THE BEAT POETS
    - and a shit load of great new music i can't wait to play.

  2. avatar die the flu
    Ah, the famous "Dave" from Deftones..

    He must be new.

    Will listen in anyhoo!!
  3. avatar rigsyATL
    jesus, you really are a pedantic bunch on here.. ;-)

    it's frank, the turntabilist/keyboards guy and chino.
  4. avatar die the flu
    "Can I still be Garth?"

  5. avatar garrexial
    don't listen to him richie.

    you're doing a sterling job.
  6. avatar rigsyATL
    why do my posts keep dissapearing today :-(