1. avatar fastfude

    FASTFUDE is 5

    Fundrasing gig

    Botanic Avenue


    lineup (in no particular order)

    PANDA KOPANDA[/b:bc739a3c9a]

    Doors 8.30

    Adm £5

    Yay or wa!? We'll be kicking off the new year with a night of kless music! This gig is a fundraising event to collect the readies needed to pay for Fastfude's running costs for 2003. Please, please come along, as we need your fivers!

    There'll also be a Things You're Missing stall for all your local produce.

    It should be noted that my (rog) 25th birthday is the day after this. Therefore, I cannot be held responsible for my actions!

    update: tank24 have bowed out and Clone Quartet are confirmed

    update 2: now the Clones are out and the Pandas are in!
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  2. avatar fastfude
    gah. that'll teach me to use fancy-pants formatting. it ate my original post. anyway, yay!
  3. avatar smittennn
    [b]au grand jour![/b]

    off from work!
    finest of local music!
    rog is 25...shots of gin. :|
  4. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    I'm sure this will be mighty enjoyable,
    So I'll probably brave the dirt to witness some good bands,
    Give my fiver to Rog-"old man"-er,
    And have a laugh...

    [url="http://www.pandakopanda.com"]21 pandas to go...[/url]
  5. avatar Iso9
    nice one..looking forward to it.
  6. avatar Ronan Yakuza

    If you have any "wares" you want to sell at this gig, please bring them along on the night or contact me in advance if possible
  7. avatar spaniel
    Is it only bands who are playing that can have stuff on the stall for sale or can I bring along some copies of my new CD?
  8. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    I have an old pair of underpants i wouldnt mind selling on for the right price.

    One Previous Owner. Only slightly soiled...
  9. avatar Ronan Yakuza

    Sure, no problem I'll sell them if you want, I was only singling them out cos they're playing, and may impress people into spending money
  10. avatar spaniel
    I'll play the spoons, that should impress people into buying my CD.
    Any requests?
  11. avatar EPK
    Yes. Don't.
  12. avatar The Mango Kid
    My first post!

    aw crap, don't think I'll be able to make it to this.

    cursed exams
  13. avatar s00z
    defo goin.. if only to FINALLY see dirty stevie live
  14. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    I am looking forward to this one loads, if only to see some of your faces when 'do you wanna have sex with me' kicks in.
  15. avatar wild bill goes commando
    I guess this is my chance to catch Dirty Stevie, having heard much of them, but not actually heard them! And maybe to bring along some Guided* cds too!!
  16. avatar Kaxxx
    My first post!
    Me and a load of mates are heading down, pay in at the door i take it?
  17. avatar fastfude
  18. avatar traviswastherain
  19. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    I just seen the posters up in town today. Very impressive.
  20. avatar Iso9
    ain't seen em yet...got a jpeg rog?
  21. avatar EPK
    He gone Dublin. I ain't seen 'em either.
  22. avatar T Entertainment
    The Socialist Workers will be out ripping them down tonight, convinced that it's a benefit for McDonald's.
    Like they did with the clearly fascistic Vichy Government's.
  23. avatar Andrew
    Me 'n' Sims are just back from doing a poster run for Saturday's wretchfest, and all the ff posters are still present and correct. They look quite cool too. Town was deserted though. Everybody in having drinks with family 'n' all whilst we trudge around with bucket 'n' paste. Ah well, rock'n'roll never rests!

    Happy Xmas everybody!!!
  24. avatar s00z
    bucket and paste would be more interesting than my family drinks..
  25. avatar Hornbeeach
    My first post!
    more like Buckfast
  26. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Yes... and Liam's party will be class afterwards. Craig's organising the balloons.

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.tk"]The Evangelists[/url]
  27. avatar Andrew
    And by "organising the balloons" you mean he's dropping his shorts.
  28. avatar nonlogic liam
    ah ha ha. This should be great. please everyone get down and support your forum. CANT WAIT FOR TO GO TO THE FRONT PAGE TONITE. DANGERFIELDS (NEVER PLAY BELFAST AGAIN) SHOULD BE INTERESTING.WHOS IN THE LINE UP TONITE?
  29. avatar Andrew
    Hey fruity, we never said we'd never play Belfast again. We're just "pacing ourselves" by playing every couple of months. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the gig!
  30. avatar rudedoodle
    Yes but where is Rog?
    Even his housemates don't care that he's been missing presumed ginger for 24 hours.

    Edit... he is alive and ready for birthday bumps. Edited by: rudedoodle at: 12/29/02 10:38:52 pm
  31. avatar nonlogic liam
    yeah grizz, towas a great gig.

    EDIT. The Dangerfields (who occasionally play belfast).

    see yas all saturday nite and happy new fuc*kin year.
  32. avatar Andrew
    I am the man who loves you most.

    Now f*ck off.
  33. avatar Wasp Boy
    Good luck for Saturday.

    I have a feeling I will be stuck in Dublin. With a naked Glyn.

    And @#%$ Youth.

  34. avatar Andrew
    You got my email then, I see.

    Yep, it's Kilcoole Scout Hall for the DF's this Saturday. An all day, all ages thrashfest with The Dagda, B*stard Youth, Puget Sound, Scientific Bong, Scared Shitless, Foot In Mouth, No Compliance, Kid Blunt, Estel and The Fishermen.

    Help me.
  35. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Scout hall? as in "Scouts?"

    Frig, you better Be Prepared......

    (see what i did? you see, the scouts mott..... ach! forget it...)
  36. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    Wasp Boy's little Los Cabras link under his name isn't working.
  37. avatar Andrew
    Just like his brain, liver and genitals then.
  38. avatar fastfude
    Unfortunately, Andy Clone has been struck down by the cold and cannae sing, so they're pulling out and the gap being filled at the last second by the Panda Kopanda homeboys.
  39. avatar Pete
    Bugger. No offense to Panda Kopanda but I was looking forward to seeing Clone Quartet for the first time
  40. avatar Niall Harden
    he can't sing anyway
    what a c*nt
  41. avatar rudedoodle

    I was looking forward to seeing them too, with respect to broadening my horizons.
    Oh well.
  42. avatar eskimos
    Oh no. I too was looking forward to seeing them.
  43. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    i'm very sorry that we had to pull out. andy's voice has been disappearing over the past week and attempts to re-arrange the set have driven us to total despair. we both agreed that it would have been impossible to pull anything good together for saturday ---. sorry
  44. avatar andy CL14
    My first post!
    Cheers Niall, ya throwback. Go pedal your medallions elsewhere!

    I feel really bad about cancelling, but I would lose my voice after one track and like Steven said, unfortunately we ain't got time to work round it.
  45. avatar spaniel
    Full rock out set I hope?
  46. avatar STONE POET
    Good luck everyone- hope you raise some dosh and give the New Year a rockingly good start.
  47. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    I am fuckin gutted Clone Quartet have pulled out. Their CD is class. Oh well, be prepared folks, we are up for some serious mayhem.
  48. avatar Captain Anomie
    what a @#%$-damn those pesky virus type things. The clone octet were the only reason I was going to go...
  49. avatar fastfude
    ha, so you'll be playing your set from the taxi rank across the street then?
  50. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Any ideas of Stage times or owt like that??
  51. avatar Captain Anomie
    thak fusk somebody got that...
  52. avatar nonlogic liam
    fuc i was lookin forward to seeing clone quartet again. But oh well, the poptastical panda co panda will not disappoint.

    BY THE WAY EVERYONE MUST WEAR A PAIR OF PYJAMA TOPS. OR DIE Edited by: nonlogic liam at: 1/4/03 11:39:09 am
  53. avatar Hornbeeach
    Yes liam Ok.............

    Im supposed to be wearing girls trousers tonight. Oh my word.
  54. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Dodgy Stereo 8.30 - 9.30
    Panda Kopanda9.30 - 10.00
    Dodgy Stereo 10 -10.20
    Fallout 10.20 - 10.50
    Dodgy Stereo 10.50 - 11.10
    The Evangelists 11.10 - 11.40
    Iso 9 11.40 - 12
    Dirty Stevie 12.00 - 12.30
    Iso 9 12.30 - 1.00

    [b]Best Pyjama top wins a top prize.[/b]
    [url="http://www.theevangelists.tk"]The Evangelists[/url]
  55. avatar BioBaby xxx
    Dammit, i reeallly wanted 2 go 2 this but sometimes the call of a pretty young lady is 2 much 2 resist. Think of me as u boogie.
  56. avatar smittennn
    well our fastfude community turned out and warmed up the empire tonight!
    i thoroughly enjoyed my night despite the virus removing most of my voice and my boogie.
    i was sad to see the bouncers picking on our niall.

    you will not find that type of tyranny at giro's!
    ta to everyone for all the craic.
    splinter has to run free a bit after his recent stint at big gay al's (the vet-see wild discourse for all the details).
  57. avatar fastfude
    Ladies and gents, that was an unbelievable success.

    I cannot thank y'all enough for such an incredible turnout. Needless to say, FF now has the necessary fundage to cover server & ezboard costs for 2003!

    Wish I coulda mingled some more during the evening, but being on the door all night, I at least got to say thanks to everyone who walked in

    Massive thanks to all the acts: Dodgy Stereo, Panda Kopanda, Fallout, The Evangelists, Dirty Stevie, Iso9.

    Also massive thanks to the various helpers and organisers, not least: Shep, Dee & Deezer (and the rest of the Empire staff), EPK, the various meeja outlets that plugged the bejaysus out of the gig for us, and everyone else whose names I'm too drunk to recall right now!

    And while I'm all sentimental and the like, thank you people, one and all, for giving a damn about music in Northern Ireland enough to sustain a site like this. There wouldn't be a Fastfude if there wasn't a music scene for it to be a part of. Fair f*cks to you all.
  58. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Bearded Iain set himself on fire at the panda's house.

    Quality night. But I seem to be missing my phone.
    Edited by: Eamonn Evangelists at: 1/5/03 2:53:21 pm
  59. avatar glzebub of four star
    pandas in jumping about the stage like uncouth punk rockers shocker!

    yes, this was a fantastic night. bo!
  60. avatar Iso9
    was a great wee night.........nice turnout.
  61. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    A job well done indeed. Top night all around. Before we went on stage we compared it to playing Galatassary away from home. We won 5-0.
  62. avatar nonlogic liam
    great nite dudes. God the empire was packed. Party after wards was good and I never got drunk and started to talk sh*it to random people, r wore sun glasses most of the nite or got sexually molested by a girl, or made buckfast outta washing machine liquid and diet coke.

    but then again
  63. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Oh, and thanks to all the people who bought stuff from the [url="http://www.thingsyouremissing.com"]THiNGS You're Missing[/url] stall. Our busiest night since it started in Belfast.
  64. avatar edwin mcfee
    i'm bummed out coz i was working and couldn't get to go :
  65. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    I think having a mobile stall was a big help though.
  66. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    oh and happy birthday roger
  67. avatar STONE POET
    Did anyone find a Large Mound cd at the Panda house or thereabouts cos i seem to have lost it, first cd i've been able to buy in ages too- Bugger!!
  68. avatar Meerium
    I had fun in a fuelled-by-diet-symbols-of-western-freedom-and-therefore-in-a-caffeine-rush kinda way.And I spoke to lots of lovely people, some of whom I haven't seen for aaaaages, cause I'm a bit rubbish about being organised when I'm home.

    And I'm very upset that you refused to borrow my mittens Rog, specially since ten minutes later you had to ring eamonn for your gloves. Still though, I'm glad you made what you needed for this year, even if my mittens were superfluous to requirements!
  69. avatar EPK
    Well...waddya say.
    An excellento night all round. Great sets by everyone, many laughs and much drink. The support surprised us, as we weren't sure whether anyone'd turn up at all, but the atmosphere was class with so many people from the scene there. I'd like to echo Rog's sentiments and thanks for everyone who gave their time...for the bands and DJs especially who showed what a long way we've come with regards to quality acts in the past few years...and to Shep for giving us the opportunity to put it all on.
    Lots to be proud of, it FEELS like a community with so many people giving support and having a good time into the bargain.
  70. avatar Captain Anomie
    Finally got my hungover head back to donegal. Super night. I havent slept since friday.
    Many thanks to the new years re-celebration society.
  71. avatar eskimos
    A great night's entertainment it indeed was. Very enjoyable. Great atmosphere and music. Well done everyone involved.
  72. avatar Captain Anomie
    eamonn, where the feck is our website gone?

    Edit: oh there it is..forget I asked Edited by: Captain Anomie at: 1/5/03 7:33:10 pm
  73. avatar rudedoodle
    Yeah rudedoodle.tk was down earlier too... I had a panic myself.
  74. avatar stashus mute
    that was a great night , all bands involved were indeed very good . great turnout , too.
  75. avatar Lalalolita
    My first post!
    it was a good nite, and it was cool as i got to see laodsa people b4 leaving the country, but i really wish Andys voice had miraculously healed as i really wanted to see the Clone4tet and to him and Steven i want to say that yes i am suckerbait cos i couldnt resist that packaging and you are my favourite band!!!
  76. avatar Lalalolita
  77. avatar Wasp Boy

    I was playing a gig in a Scout Hall in Kilcoole, co. Wicklow (I kid you not), otherwise I would have been there.

    I did, however, receive a number of garbled phone calls at 4 am, something along the lines of..

    'Ah, there's a party at the Ormo bakery, we're wrecking it, ah, Eamonn's lost his phone, aaaahhhhh'.

    So I went to bed.
  78. avatar Daithi jasper
    Very good night indeed. Enjoyed the Evangelists as usual, but the highlight for me was Anto doing some kind of drunken Ti Chi thing in front of Dirty Stevie. I'm not sure what that was all about. I was hiding (and laughing) in the top balcony at the time.
  79. avatar Ross Throes
    is that the ormo bakery on the boucher road?

    On a side note, the FF is F gig was rawktacular, the Stevie are easily some of the best musicians amonst out peers, Liam from the Evangelists can play guitar with seemingly dislocated arms, the falls are noisy b*stards and the pandas totally rocked out on that new song they finished on. A throughly enjoyable night for all.
  80. avatar richard belding
    No, Ross, the ormo bakery is on, surprisingly enough, the ormeau road. who would have thought?
  81. avatar Ross Throes
    actually colin, that would be the ormeau bakery.
  82. avatar Captain Anomie
    The party wasnt in a bakery, as far as I can remeber.

    And it definitley wasnt in an Ice cream shop Edited by: Captain Anomie at: 1/6/03 2:12:15 pm
  83. avatar richard belding
    what, you mean the one spelt 'ormo', which is beside morelli's ice cream shop on the ormeau road?
  84. avatar richard belding
    i'd love to go to a party in a bakery. t'would be brill.
  85. avatar Ross Throes
    of course.
    I'm sure there is more than one ormo bakery.
  86. avatar richard belding
    you're propably right. lets put aside our differences and start planning an actual party in a bakery.
  87. avatar richard belding
    Oh, and p.s., the gig on saturday was a lot of fun. it was nice to see such a good turn out.

    there. back on topic.
  88. avatar Wasp Boy
  89. avatar Niall Harden
    a party in a bakery followed by a pissup in a brewery?
  90. avatar Ross Throes
    then an orgy in a whorehouse?
    what a fun game
  91. avatar antojasper
    Yes I felt there was a disturbance in Yin energy caused by the overly swollen testicles of Dirty Stevie and their filthy rock music.

    Therefore I had to restore the balance by a series of ancient orthogonal body postures.

    pissedasana! :rollin

    also I am always annoyed by the presence of a half moon around the stage,
    "youse are all cunts!", to try and encourage some further participation.

    didn't work, can't think why.

    great night though, very much liked the Evangelists, for a number of reasons.
  92. avatar antojasper
    might wanna have a look at the old swear filter there Rog!
  93. avatar sixtypeoplemark2
    Well done to all concerned for organising such a good night. All the bands put in polished performances but the Evangelists really pushed all the right buttons for me - what a front man (and what a backing band, indeed)! - he'd give Iggy Pop a run for his money all right, it was totally electric and perfectly insane and brilliant.
  94. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    From the high of Saturday night's Fastfude gig, to the harsh reality of the real world.........my right arm is swollen like a bap and infected. Don't even ask how the fuckin hell it got that way!
  95. avatar richard belding
    If the Evangelists bassist concentrated less on playing bass, and more on keeping goal, then liverpool might not be in their current slump. :lol
    Edited by: richard belding at: 1/6/03 6:43:03 pm
  96. avatar EPK
    Sure it's your right arm, Smitty?
    It wouldn't be something
    equally connected to your right hand?
  97. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    I'm left handed, sorry Eamonn. :D
  98. avatar EPK
    Aha...the old "reduced sensitivity" option.
  99. avatar Dirty Stevie Bum
    My first post!
    aye, but you still use both hands when you are 'abseiling' in yer bedroom Smitty.
  100. avatar She Ra 01
    whoever lost a watch and other items of jewellry will you send me a wee email and i'll get them back to you. No one has owned up yet...
  101. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    That would be Liam's flatmate's stuff.

    We also left behind our drummer's courage, our bassist's heart and our guitarist's brain.
  102. avatar Kylos
    Well played to all involved.
    A local event organised and executed with style.

    Those crazy beats from Iso9 were elegantly fecked up. A talent.
  103. avatar She Ra 01
    will I just drop them round to liam's house? I was there the other day with your phone.
  104. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    If you happen to be passing by, that'd be cool. If there's nobody there just sell them. Marty is the name of the guy who owns them.

    Cheers Koala! :ob
  105. avatar rigsy
    what a host.
    i mean, fussball in the livin' room.

    miss she ra, we all salute you
  106. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    I especially liked it when dirty stevie and panda kopanda settled their differences and teamed up to defeat...

    ...erm, I can't remember who we defeated.

    But yes! Fussball is fantastic fun...

    [url="http://www.pandakopanda.com"]neu! panda kopanda website![/url]for news, songs, [url=""]ezboard[/url] and photos!
  107. avatar nonlogic liam
    thanks guys for returning all evangelists related stuff we forgot at your house it is most appreciated. if you find a full bottle of buckfast with suds in it i'd advice you not to drink it!because you nite die, get rid of it with care or you could possibly wash your clothes with it.

    thanks again.
  108. avatar Captain Anomie

    piss off i'm having a bad season, you'll be kissing my polish ass this time next year [url="http://www.icons.com/dudek/"]the evangelists[/url]

    BTW I thought I looked more like robbie fowler Edited by: Captain Anomie at: 1/9/03 6:56:42 pm
  109. avatar She Ra 01
    how the hell did you remember the koala thing?! That's a bit mad. But it may work...