1. avatar bernard
    Ordinary Days present...

    [b:864cb2c411]Music For One[/b:864cb2c411]

    MUSIC FOR ONE is your breath that you see on a cold day.

    Stark but beautiful guitar motifs emerge as skeletons of songs. They are dressed in the skin of abstract sounds that are wrestled from a guitar, effects, and bits from the hardware store. This process is never laboured; it has the freedom of the moment to let the possibility of wonderful mistakes unfold. This creature comes alive in front of you...

    For fans of the underwater world of Arthur Russell, late John Fahey, and John Cage played on a dobro.

    Wire review - http://www.musicforone.com/press.htm


    "Selah is guitars looped and looped and looped and looped and looped.... I also play guitar in the mighty WeAreKnives. I am also one third of TWELVE EYES. For now that is all."


    [b:864cb2c411]Red Pony[/b:864cb2c411]

    American primitive guitar music for fans of Blind Joe Death.

    [b:864cb2c411]The Pavilion
    Sun 25th March
    8.30pm sharp
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  2. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    good stuf bk maxx
  3. avatar bernard
    bit short notice!
  4. avatar barrypeak
    i once played a gig under the name red pony.
    this isn't me.
  5. avatar bernard
    how come you chose it?
  6. avatar barrypeak
    same reason i chose torgas valley reds.
    a less obscure steinbeck reference.
  7. avatar bernard
    sorry about the gig clash. she's on tour, couldn't be avoided.
  8. avatar bernard
  9. avatar bernard
    tomorrow night
  10. avatar bernard
    actually tonight
  11. avatar the dirty weed