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    !**Latest additions in the last 2 weeks**!

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    Former MillionDead front man Frank Turner and Kelly Kemp of ska outfit No
    Comply came to Belfast armed only with acoustic guitars and a desire to
    play great tunes. Check out how the night went here:

    Its a proud homecoming gig for the amazingly good Duke Special. You know
    the one where the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and your
    cheeks flush with pride that a local boy done good has come home and
    proved he can do it where and when he needs to. Read all about it here:

    Talk of a mysterious documentary and an uber-cool line-up, which included
    Anacrusis, Fight Like Apes and Exit the Street, draws a hefty crowd to
    Cyprus Avenue on this dirty February night. Read all about a highly
    successful drop-d showcase here:

    Electric Eel Shock bring nudity, mayhem and rocking tunes to the Roisin
    Dubh. A crazy night was had by all. Check it out here:

    With sound sources including a Magnus mini chord organ, grand piano, bell,
    music box, clarinet, vinyl manipulations, town hall organ, and location
    recordings Janek Schaefer – In The Last Hour is a subtly powerful piece,
    which conjures up landscapes above and beyond the source of the line that
    inspired it.
    Check out Cians review here:

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    Find out just why the Howling Bells are out for Chris Martins blood in
    their interview with Hubert.

    Nicola debates with Corks Carbon Copy. Infectious riffs, intelligent
    lyrics, rockin beats and a whole lot to say.

    The multi talented Shauna Tohill shares her two cents with Scott. Check it
    out here:
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    Youve probably seen Neil Delamare mixing with the good (Dara O Briain),
    the bad (Ed Byrne) and the ugly (er, all of them) of Irish comedy on “The
    Panel” but can he hack it solo. Find out here:

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    Drop-D Parties

    Our Next event will be April 10th in Cyprus avenue ...
    The Spikes, Fight Like Apes and Sideproject.
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    We are looking for Demo's from musicians/Bands, so email mark@drop-d.ie if
    you want in for any of our Cork or Dublin Parties.

    Please put Drop-D gig and whatever city in the title.
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  2. avatar T Entertainment
    Good to see more local stuff reviewed.
    I just want to make a couple of constructive points about writing style though cos they've occurred to me before.
    Firstly, I can't really think of an instance where the use of exclaimation marks isn't going to cheapen a piece of criticism. Use more than one in a piece or (god help us) more than one at the end of a sentence and you're degrading it exponentially so.
    Secondly, try to keep reviews in the same tense throughout (a more common mistake than you might think).
    Sorry, I know I'm a curmudgeonly old f*ck but these things do get noticed. :)
  3. avatar Rocky
    It is great to see fight like apes featured!
    we were in cork recently and the first people we met in the venue were raving about how good they were that night!!
    we've! been! listening! to! them! every! day! in! the! tour! van!
    can't wait to see them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. avatar Drop-d Showcase
    No, it's fine. Constructive criticism is always welcome.
    We do try to cover as much as we can and especially local. We're always looking for new and talented writers.
  5. avatar Drop-d Showcase
    hey Rocky! Fight Like Apes have featured twice so far in different pieces. We hope to do an interview in the future. We have them back in Cork on April 10th! We're all looking forward to it. What band you in yourself?
  6. avatar Rocky
    i play in a band called Oppenheimer

    i've been talking about fighting like apes to anyone who'll listen.
  7. avatar Drop-d Showcase
    Same here! I hear you guys are doing ok yourselves?! How is Austin and SXSW? Would you like to play one of our gig nights?
  8. avatar Drop-d Showcase
    I think he disappeared on me.......
  9. avatar fastfude
    Such things are best discussed in private messaging, I imagine?
  10. avatar Drop-d Showcase
    true. I was only kiddin around anyway, being cheeky!
  11. avatar thesneakybandit
    reviews should indeed be all in the same tense.
    poor writing on my part there.
    and well spotted!