1. avatar fastfude

    [quote:561c60f206]Spending £25,000 on a zero tolerance approach to fly posting and graffiti in Belfast city centre.
    Our dedicated team has helped reduce reports of illegal fly posting by 80 per cent in the last year.
    We are now working with the Planning Service and other interested parties to develop a long-term solution to the problem.[/quote:561c60f206]
    Any of you readers offering your €0.02 to BCC as an "interested party"?
  2. avatar The Fires of Hell
    I suggest a public meeting to explore opinions and strategies from all stakeholding parties.
  3. avatar kingmob
    The BCC should hold an open consultation on this very issue. I'm sure the event would be well attended by interested parties.
  4. avatar T Entertainment
    Yes, if only the BCC could bring together the Chamber of Commerce, the PSNI and its own staff who deal with this subject so people who rely on postering could put their views to those who object.
    BCC's recalcitrance on this matter appalls me. Fastfude is only a niche website yet it has managed to set up and successfully run a record label, a magazine, draw up and implement a ten year strategy for the local music industry and run a series of well attended camping trips.
    They could learn a lot by listening to us!
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  5. avatar The Fires of Hell
    [quote:88994afe28]Our dedicated team has helped reduce reports of illegal fly posting by 80 per cent in the last year. [/quote:88994afe28]

    A brilliant piece of unspeak there: flyposting itself not actually reduced by 80%, but at least the reports of it are down. Progress indeed for BCC!
  6. avatar tinpot anto
    We could achieve the same result by sending a few heavies round to put the frighteners on people who complain :)
  7. avatar feline1
    Fastfude has 5 million posts!

    How many hits does Belfarce City Council get, eh??????
  8. avatar ssmcmullan
    There's just as many posters up around Belfast at any one time as there was before, now they are probably spread out more. Maybe there was 80% less complaints due to people not really caring about it anymore?
  9. avatar Baelmammon
    [quote:437c081718]sending a few heavies round to put the frighteners on people who complain [/quote:437c081718]
    This could be arranged. I mean that wooden walkway facing the BBC has loads of posters on them, but peoples or the council rip them off, I mean why not use it and leave the posters up its only going to be knocked away once that horrible looking building beside Holiday Inn(which had a perfectly good redbrick building there before, they're building to many new Building) is built.
  10. avatar thefatson
    Don't get me started on that precious piece of wood.

    Why can't they just wise up? Big deal culture is being advertised "illegally".

    Stupid looking buildings are being built all over the place offending my eyes because the council wouldn't have the taste to realise they all look the same never mind are disgusting.

    I'd like them put money into a "no two buildings shall look the same" scheme.

    Two fine examples of this right now:
    The house beside the church on the dublin road and the block of terraces across from the police station on the lisburn road. Both about to be replaced by buildings "built around a job lot of windows" to quote the vaccum.

    There must be some way to protect buildings like this that are probably over a hundred years old, infact I propose any developers who even contemplates knocking down old buildings be forced to go out and remove old posters for us possibly followed by execution.

    Is there any kind of mailing list I can sign up to to be notified of planning proposals for things like this so I can object?
  11. avatar Wd-adam
    For a moment there, I was really struggling to understand why the BBC cared about postering in Belfast. Stupid brain.