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    Startslow, AKA Gustave Savy draws influence from all sorts of places, from Matmos to Fugazi. He has been making music in various forms for more years then he wants to admit to. Starting as a sax player, then becoming a bass player, then turning back to the sax, through various bands and projects, and all the while tinkering with computers, samplers, recording devices and all that stuff.

    Gus recently played sax for one of his all-time heroes 'Citizen Fish', so now he can die happy.

    From the days of the Atari and four track cassette recorder to the present day, a constant influence has been the outpourings of his friend Simon Mothboy, who comes from the same remote backwater as he (but now lives in London) and who showed him that it is worth carrying on.

    Many thanks to Chris Moxey and Johnathan Todd for their magnificent vocal contributions.

    The phrase 'kicked to death by bees' was first coined by Paul Ocosi when trying to come up with a name for the project which ended up being Gator Bait Ten, and was really rather good.

    Grab the ep from the acroplane.org releases section.

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    theres a track from this on my myspace called 'crrrk'.


    grab this people..its of a very high standard. a talent.