1. avatar sponor
    As per title.

    3 experienced musicians require Zach de la Rocha incarnate for a RATM tribute band.

    Applicants must obviously know all the material, be passionate about it and have the ability to perform it with the required conviction.

    Practice space with equipment provided free. Own transport prefered. We want to be gigging by the summer.

    No time wasters.

    Contact Conor on: 07739233138
  2. avatar wannabeflea
    Where's Paul Clegg when you need him!
  3. avatar tingtatingtingtingtating
    I'll do it! I have the perfect voice - give it away give it away give it away now.. one two three four oooohhhhhhhhh!! under the bridge!! oh right.. RATM.. nope sorry.. can't do it

    I'm also a time waster.
  4. avatar izzys_return
    id do chris cornell if ya wanna just go down the old audioslave route!
  5. avatar sponor
    Bump! Still looking!
  6. avatar gcon45
    Thread resurrection!