1. avatar Penny Nixon
    My mobile hasn't been able to send or receive any calls or texts since about 3 this afternoon.
    Was wondering if anyone else has been having difficulties.
    I've been watching free episodes of 24 on peekvid.com and am becoming suspicious that it's a government plot! :smt017
  2. avatar the*optimist
    This happened to me too but I believe it's because I haven't paid my bill in three months maybe!
  3. avatar Penny Nixon
    I'm pay as you talk and I can't even get through to 191 to talk to someone. Maybe it's a sunspot aimed directly at me.
  4. avatar Kingnez
    its them new anti-stalker laws kicking in
  5. avatar Wd-adam
    It's that there Global Warming melting the masts. Either that, or feline has had enough of feeling ill and has taken the law into his own hands.