1. avatar Scarboy
    Right heres the thing,

    ive have a wireless netowrk setup at home for over a year now.

    never had any trouble with, till now.

    Got back from uni today (uni in belfast, home in derry) and was told it hadnt been working since i left on sunday nite.

    noone can connect to it, i did for a few mins there now, but the connection was "very low" and then it simply disconnected.

    I know one of my neighbours setup a secure wireless network a few weeks ago, but it has in the last few days started interfering with my paretns tv.

    Im wondering if the 2 things cud be related? any help wud be great as this is really irritating me.

  2. avatar Rock Danger
    What make of router is it?

    Is it a cable connection or DSL?

    What operating system do you use?

    Have you hard reset the router back to factory default and then set it up again?

    Is there new firmware out for your router or drivers for your wireless card?

    Was it securely set up last time? If so what encryption were you using?

    No, it wont interfere with any TV.
  3. avatar remaderyan
    Try Restarting the router,

    Change the chanel its working on if you suspect someone else is using it?

    Maybe someone has moved your arial while you were away?

    Position is very important with that stuff.

    Also how are you online if its not working? :smt104
  4. avatar Scarboy
    its a Belkins router, i not 100% sure of the exact model, but its one of the smaller ones.

    Cable internet (ntl/virgin), windows xp (unfortunetly).

    Ive tried a hard reset, but it had no affect.

    It wasnt/isnt secure - just a plain open network.

    Nothings been touched since i left on sunday nite.

    any ideas?? :shock: :(

    Ps im online by plugging an ethernet lead into 1 of the 4 wire ports on the back of the router.
  5. avatar greensleevesisgod
    That happened to me a while ago but I just secured the network by turning on the WPA thing.
  6. avatar remaderyan
    unsecured networks are bad things!

    Might be worth your while accessing the routers landing page and seeing how many clients are connected? could be someone is stealing your net.
  7. avatar Scarboy
    Ive secured the network now, but its not acomplished anything.

    Checked before and after i secured and theres noone on the network. :?

    really stumping me!

    windows keeps saying its unable to connect to the network. it can find it, but the signal strength is really low / dissappears sometimes.
  8. avatar remaderyan
    wiggle the arials?
  9. avatar Speed Demon
    [quote:97c41395ef="Scarboy"]I know one of my neighbours setup a secure wireless network a few weeks ago, but it has in the last few days started interfering with my paretns tv.[/quote:97c41395ef]This would suggest bad radio interference is saturating your house. Is your neighbour using some illegal power-boosting transmitter or what?

    Take the wireless router to a mate's house and see if you can connect to it outside the dead zone...
    (it doesn't need to be connected to cable to test this)
  10. avatar thefatson
    My girls router has started acting up since an unsecured computer to computer connection has appeared near her.

    I presumed it was interferance, is this possible?

    If so I'm bringy my lappy round to try and fuck that unsecured computer up, or at least do some snooping, should be fun.

    Don't use wpa unless you have a fairly fast computer, all the authentication slows things down otherwise.

    I totally realate to going out for a few days to come back to a whole list of computer/network problems from the family, they probably did something.
  11. avatar DuncanDisorderly

    this site helped me out a lot - the guys on the forum really know their stuff - it takes a while to troubleshoot all the obvious problems but its really a process of elimination
  12. avatar gary gates
    or go back to old fashioned cable. :wink:
  13. avatar steelydan
    i used my neighbours unsecured network for a year for my ps3. have to say the connection was awesome. :D :D