1. avatar comprachio
    ...is bein covered by Rory McConnell on Radio 1 from midnight until 2am.

    He'll be playin out loads of Norn Irish stuff. I'm not sure exactly what he's playing but it'll include a Cashier No.9 live session and an expose on Islandhopper records.
  2. avatar spectator
    I believe we will be played too

  3. avatar Rory McConnell
    exclusive new Jetplane Landing track.
    Cashier #9 in session
    Profile on Island Hopper
    tracks from a.s.i.w.y.f.a, Trip Fontane, Panda kopanda, LaFaro, Dutch Schultz, brand new Phil Kieran, the grace jones....plus more. midnight - radio 1
  4. avatar comprachio
    Even on the crap stereo in my car the CNo.9 session sounded class....
  5. avatar goatboy
    I listened to this in work today. Really enjoyed the Cashier No. 9 session, especially the last song. That was my first time hearing Trip Fontane and I thought their track was incredible and the new Jetplane track is pretty awesome too.
  6. avatar comprachio
    really? I thought the last was the weakest of the four (still great tho). The new jetplane track is awesome. Missed Trip Fontane - was it Air Raid? Its a great track
  7. avatar Crackity_jones
    Bollocks, missed this.
  8. avatar comprachio
    There's a listen again feature if you go to www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/huwstephens but it looks like last week's tracklisting still.
  9. avatar goatboy
    [quote:4ea8876667="comprachio"]really? I thought the last was the weakest of the four (still great tho). The new jetplane track is awesome. Missed Trip Fontane - was it Air Raid? Its a great track[/quote:4ea8876667]

    Yeah, I've had the Cashier No. 9 CD since the BBC proms gig thing in London last year, so I've heard the other 3 tracks that were on the session loads so it was nice to hear a new track that was also fantastic. The Trip Fontane song was Picking Up Faces (I think) but all the stuff on their Myspace page is amazing. Probably my fave local stuff I've heard in a while. The new Jetplane stuff is awesome. That's the 2nd song I've heard from the album and I believe there's going to be another track in the public domain within the next week. I really can't wait for the album!
  10. avatar comprachio
    do a myspazz search for 'Our Krypton son' goatboy. We played with him in Derry and he was class. One of my new fave NI acts. Really beautiful music.
  11. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    nice one

    cashier no 9 stuff sounded great - good man todd
  12. avatar PaulATL
    I think Our Krypton Son is Chris from ROSS.
    Will be played on ATL v soon after being in touch a few weeks ago through the Myspace after hearing him on Radio Foyle. Really nice stuff up in Derry at the mo. Stephen McAuley's show is great on Radio Foyle for the local stuff.
  13. avatar comprachio
    here bucko, I tipped you off there! ;)

    Agree tho that Stephen is doin a great job in Derry. The man eats, sleeps and drinks music.
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  14. avatar pauldoherty
    cashier no 9 are class,first time hearing them there!