1. avatar ShowYourBones
    [quote:bb98593d16]ITV Play, a digital channel dedicated to audience participation quizzes, has picked up its ball and gone home.
    After a week on stand-by, when it was taken off air during an inquiry into premium-rate phone services, the station has been reduced to white dot status.[/quote:bb98593d16]A scourge to our Televisionary Devices is at long last bidding farewell.

  2. avatar drakeguild
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  3. avatar pauldoherty
    bring back the hitman and her :-D
  4. avatar ShowYourBones
    [quote:fdac6b8b3d="drakeguild"]Damn, I rather enjoyed the late night boobage.[/quote:fdac6b8b3d]

    Brian Dowling?
  5. avatar Beau Sooth
    I was watching one of the quiz things on there one night. All you had to do was add up 3 different numbers and phone in the total to win 5 grand or something. After 9 min 15 secs of people saying the answer was...7 or other stupid answers like that (when it was 223) the last caller got it right only to be told that it was wrong! Then they started another 10min countdown for the same answer!....I switched off.

    I don't know what's worse....the blatant cheating or the fact that I wasted 10mins of my life watching that horsesh1t.
  6. avatar JTM
    Which phrase best sums up what I think of ITV Play?

    a) The Netherlands
    b) Glad that rip-off waste of broadcasting space has gone
    c) A snake rode a motorcycle seven miles.
    d) Jim Megaw

    The answer was e)
  7. avatar feline1
    Even Blue Peter were making 4 year olds ring up premium jazz-line numbers for fake prizes then giving it to some producer's brat who happened to be walking down the corridor on a guided tour!
  8. avatar rentaghost
    [quote:8744d0450a]Children's show Blue Peter has admitted it faked the results of a phone-in competition by putting a BBC visitor on air instead of a premium line quiz "winner".

    The programme has become the latest in a long line of shows to apologise to viewers over the growing phone-in competition scandal.

    Viewers of the children's show were invited to call a premium rate number with a quiz answer to win a toy.

    But due to a "technical failure", a telephone caller was not selected.

    Instead a member of staff asked a child who was visiting the studio after already winning a separate competition to phone in and give their answer. That child was then awarded the prize.

    BBC children's controller Richard Deverell called it a "serious error of judgment" and an apology will be broadcast on the show.[/quote:8744d0450a]

    Is nowhere safe?

    Icstys are fairly earning their money this last few weeks!
  9. avatar feline1
    I hate it when they say balls like that - "A technical failure" - what does THAT mean?!?

    Someone snorted so much coke in the control gallery that afternoon that their septum was splattered all over the desk and clogged up the phone, wha?
  10. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    to be fair i feel that the idiots who phone in these quiz shows deserve all they get for keeping that crap on my screen.

    no profit = no programme / channel
  11. avatar rentaghost
    gosh yes, we could all go back to watching the test card again. wouldnt that be fun!

  12. avatar feline1
  13. avatar drakeguild
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  14. avatar ShowYourBones
    It wasn't a question of how, it was a question of when that one was coming.

    Ain't I the predictable one.
  15. avatar drakeguild
  16. avatar Captain Yesterday
    Bring back the IBA!
  17. avatar Wd-adam
    Unfortunately Glitterball lives on.
  18. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    i always wondered what the rationale was behind those add the numbers things - its seems that there wasnt even any!
  19. avatar Wd-adam
    [quote:4e78a6aff3="DuncanDisorderly"]i always wondered what the rationale was behind those add the numbers things - its seems that there wasnt even any![/quote:4e78a6aff3]


    - make up a vaguely worded puzzle with loads of possible answers

    - write all the possible answers down

    - cross off every correct answer when given by caller

    - when left with one correct answer, bully as many people to call in as possible, with double money speed rounds etc and when caller gives the last remaining correct answer - DING DING, we have a winner.

    The amount of money generated in one of those scams must be ridiculous.
  20. avatar DontPetABurningDog
    The worst thing is with them number jobs is that it doesn't even have to be a "right" answer. The T's 'n' C's say as much too. Can't remember the exact wording, but it's legalese for "we can pick an answer out of thin air, which bears no particular relation to any logical laws of Mathematics, Physics, Algebra or Philosophy, and you can get stuffed". Pretty much, it is a lottery. They never have to divulge how they arrive at the answers either.

    You should try watching it next to a maths teacher too...
  21. avatar Wd-adam
    I watched it with a bunch of computer science students once and we could barely get past the outrage of the problem specification ambiguity, nevermind the logic of the answer haha.
  22. avatar whosbainejakey
    Bring back Night Time: The Twilight Zone, Sledgehammer and Raw Power. Plus that bloody cat.
  23. avatar The Fires of Hell
    That's no way to talk about Dani Behr.

    No wait, thats exactly how to talk about Dani Behr.
  24. avatar Baelmammon
    Bring back Raw Power/Noisy Mothers or Transmission.
  25. avatar whipchorus
    Bring back that thing they had on C4, Saturday nights in the mid-90s: mid-eighties Twilight Zone, some adult anime thing and uh, something else. Not sure what was going on but I enjoyed it.
  26. avatar thefatson
    Exploitica by any chance?

    Night time tv was once tthe best tv around it sucks that shows like this have taken over.

    I also really miss the itv nightscreen music, it really grows on you.

    And were is all the porn? When I was a kid/teenager late night tv was all about soft core porn followed by weird movies or shows.

    If I was a teenager now I'd end up fucking your neighbourhood pets, I guess they have the internet now though.
  27. avatar Wd-adam
    Nevermind all that, bring back the "Back Soon" screen they used to have on ITV. The backing track was awesome.
  28. avatar thefatson
    Thats the one I'm talking about!

    de de dede de deeda de de de de de DE!

    Well I think it sounds like that anyway.
  29. avatar remedy malahide
    I always loved watching that quiz show bintoed :smt025 and watching yon wee doll squirm when 'technical difficulties' made her have to think for herself! :lol: Its when she says something totally off the cuff like,

    "You could spend your prize money in Paris, which has one of the highest crime rates in Europe at the moment..."

    and within seconds her eyes roll to the top left, and she touches her ear piece where some person is screaming into it demanding that she retract her last sentance...

    The perils of live tv :D , I'm sure the peeps that won shitloads of money on these types of shows are not complaining tho...
  30. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    shannon tweed > stupid quiz shows
  31. avatar tingtatingtingtingtating
    One Question I remember was this:


    3 Hens meet 12 chicks.
    They then met up with sixteen Roosters.
    One had an Al Capone hat.

    The answer was [I'll tell you's later]
  32. avatar goatboy
    There was also a question:

    Name 5 things that a woman would regularly keep in their handbag?

    One of the answers was a balaclava.
  33. avatar DontPetABurningDog
    Aye. Another answer was rawlplugs. I've met about three women in my life who knew what rawlplugs were, let alone carried them around. Not being sexist, by the way, but how many female carpenters (excluding Karen) do you know?
  34. avatar goatboy
    Yes, that's correct. I was going to mention the rawlplugs too but all I knew is that it was some kind of plug. What the f*ck is a rawlplug anyway?
  35. avatar whosbainejakey
  36. avatar JTM
    Was the question not worded as "might keep in her handbag" rather than "would" ?
  37. avatar rentaghost
    [size=7:31779a41f3]I have at one time or another kept rawlplugs and a screwdriver in my handbag. no balaclavas, though[/size:31779a41f3]
  38. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    bring back Bushell On The Box.

    what I don't understand is why TV folk think that deaf people are also sufferers of insomnia
  39. avatar whipchorus
    Bring back Gods Gift, Get Stuffed!, Carnal Knowledge, Riviera etc.
  40. avatar goatboy
    Let's not forget about Man O' Man and the Pyjama Party.
  41. avatar drakeguild
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  42. avatar rentaghost
    you carry a handbag? :shock:
  43. avatar tingtatingtingtingtating
    [quote:473c754ba2="tingtatingtingtingtating"]One Question I remember was this:


    3 Hens meet 12 chicks.
    They then met up with sixteen Roosters.
    One had an Al Capone hat.

    The answer was [I'll tell you's later][/quote:473c754ba2]

    The answer is 71 - Happy st paddys day to you all!
  44. avatar drakeguild
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  45. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    [i:e4bbc51bae]It's all about Rawlplugs and Screws, baby![/i:e4bbc51bae]