1. avatar robot_rock
    Marlay Park on the 22nd August. Pre-Sale Tix on sale tomorrow at 9am!!!!!
  2. avatar Gavin
    Can't wait :) Download in June and the Foos in August, happy f*cking days! :-D
  3. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    according to this, they're not:

  4. avatar robot_rock
    it's on NIN's website...
  5. avatar bazza
    yup, got tickets yesterday, due to being on foos mailing list and getting a little link early :)
  6. avatar livemusicpics.com
    from hotpress.com:
    [quote:4eabd24508]Contrary to earlier reports, Nine Inch Nails will not be playing with the Foo Fighters[/quote:4eabd24508]
  7. avatar Gavin
    Yeah, looks like NIN are no longer playing. From what I've heard, it's still a bit up in the air, so there's still a chance - I wonder who will fill in if they don't play!