1. avatar Declan
    I'm looking to buy a kit for the studio and would like some opininions as to what I should get.
    Hopefully I can get some ideas from drummers who have studio experience.

    I need a kit that will give me as wide a range of sounds as possible. It will never be gigged as it will live in the studio.
    I have a budget of about £400 and would need cymbals too.
    I'm looking into these:

    Yamaha Rydeen

    Premier Cabra

    Mapex M Birch

    Pearl EX

    To be honest, I'd be into buying second hand as I think I'd get better value for money...

    Any suggestions and advice welcome.

  2. avatar rhythmdivine
    i'd say it would be a bit of a tall order to get a kit and cymbals of decent quality for £400.

    other people may disagree with this, but i think stagg cymbals can sound really great and are relatively cheap, but u are best testing them out if possible, because the quality can change from cymbal to cymbal when it comes to stagg.

    i think the mapex kit is your best bet, i have recorded with them before and sound great.

    also have you considered a tama swingstar, you'd probably get one for a decent price 2nd hand, and if you get good heads (evans) it will sound fantastic.
  3. avatar remainsofyouth
    In my humble opinion it makes a lot of sense to buy a studio drum kit second hand. You will get much better value for money. Try and pick up a yamaha stage custom. They are very solid. Anything with birch shells would also be great. That would gives a very sweet tone for studio recording
  4. avatar Alan Unirem
    the sonors can be a lovely bit of kit too - the 2005s might be somewhere around ur price range - i have 2001 (slightly older model) which marcus had reduced to 400 quid as the 2003s were about to come out - and they are a cracker great tone for the money. the cymbals could easily take up all ur budget for something nice, unless you go stagg! tho if a band is serious enough to invest in some recording time, perhaps they will have their own cymbals they will want to use anyway!

    good luck
  5. avatar rik
    In my experience dude, i would definately opt for the Premier kit at this price range.Half decent Sabians also I see.

    Some good heads ala Evans G2s and some studio damping rings would also go a long way in helping the overall sound.

    The microphones you use on the kit will also be of big importance.

    Most importantly though, you need a decent drummer.

    Good luck dude.
  6. avatar jackryan
    GO MAPEX. Look at your selection there. The MAPEX kit is the only kit that boasts the use of quality woods (birch/maple ply). These two woods are commonly used in the more expensive kits. The quality of the wood is a big factor in tone.

    The key to any kit regardless of price are the heads, spend your money on good heads and work on getting the drums tuned correctly and you will be flying.

    Finally remainsofyouth has probably got it spot on - buy second hand and buy a better quality kit for the same money. Sound aside, cheaper kits have terrible hardware. It will not take much abuse and lets face it drums probably take more abuse than any instrument you can think of.