1. avatar jenniemcc
    [b:1be319eaeb]Olympic Lifts[/b:1be319eaeb] have made it through to the top 20 in the AKG Unsigned Heroes Competition!

    We all know how rubbish these things usually are, but they have the potential to win a truck load of gear, so why not help them out?!

    Please do your part by voting at www.unsignedheroes.co.uk

    You have to register your email address, one vote per person, so if you have multiple emails feel free to use them all.

  2. avatar Joeplaysthedrums

  3. avatar jenniemcc
    come on guys, OL are in 10th place, we can do better than that!

    Get voting!
  4. avatar jenniemcc
    voting is open until 2nd April

    do your bit!
  5. avatar pauldoherty
    done,come on folk
  6. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    done. good luck ye hoors
  7. avatar Eddie
    done ;-)
  8. avatar Firebobbie Mark