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    Music starts 8pm
    Suggested donation £1

    Clap Your Hands, Say Cake!


    [i:085f4cee33]"Soothing, tender and achingly beautiful....." [/i:085f4cee33]
    (Scott Edgar, 'Drop-D' article, 7th December 2006)

    [i:085f4cee33]"The east Belfast based pianist and songwriter has established real credentials for an assault on a wider audience. It's only a matter of time, hard work and luck; the talent is there....." [/i:085f4cee33]
    (Stephen Dunwoody : Newtownards Chronicle, 13th July 2006)

    Following a two-year period of playing venues around Belfast, local singer/songwriter Laura Stevenson is finally receiving recognition in NI's music scene. Fans include Radio Ulster's Gerry Anderson, who has recently been giving 'Just Beyond My Reach' (from the 2004 EP 'Down') frequent airplay.

    At the centre of the music is her voice - fragile, ethereal, haunting - providing an apt vehicle for songs which betray a rare kind of honesty. Stevenson doesn't shy away from wearing her heart on her sleeve in her songwriting, something fans tell her they appreciate. The songs are carefully framed with her trademark cascading piano lines.

    Influences include Sarah McLachlan, Juliet Turner, Patty Griffin and Sheryl Crow, but comparisons reveal little about Stevenson's unique direction. Live sets include interpretations of songs by artists she admires: Radiohead, Iain Archer, Chris Isaak and Bill Mallonee, amongst others.

    Currently sought after as a vocalist and songwriter, Laura Stevenson is continuing to play local venues to an ever-widening fan base. Her first album is due to be released later this year.

    Inhabiting the space where catharsis meets redemption, this is music to break your heart.... or maybe to heal it.
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  2. avatar bcthatsme
    No way... I am going to miss this... And it would really sound cool in Common Grounds too... Listen to "Just Beyond My Reach" Class. Just class.
  3. avatar thesneakybandit
    [quote:1cde384a66="rentaghost"]Clap Your Hands, Say Cake...[/quote:1cde384a66]
    are no get cake wear cake fly...

    everyone should go to this. laura is one of the best female songwriters from round these parts that i have heard in quite some time.
  4. avatar rentaghost
    [quote:b9d28c27d6="thesneakybandit"][quote:b9d28c27d6="rentaghost"]Clap Your Hands, Say Cake...[/quote:b9d28c27d6]
    are no get cake wear cake fly...

    meh. I prefer And so I watch you from a cake...
    no arguments about Laura though - she is class!
  5. avatar rentaghost
    Common Grounds will be a comic relief free zone (with the exception of dubble bars).

    we will be raising money for Casa Alianza, the current cafe charity, which is a non profit organization that works to benefit homeless children and kids in social risk situations.

  6. avatar churchwarden
    [quote:5a447f9d57]Common Grounds will be a comic relief free zone [/quote:5a447f9d57]

    Horray :D

    I shall donate towards this
  7. avatar rentaghost
    heavens! Is it Friday already?
  8. avatar rentaghost
    Thanks to everyone who came down last night. We raised over double the amount we normally do, and Laura sold all the cds she had with her.
  9. avatar churchwarden
    and Laura will be playing at the next Unbound night , at Mono on Easter Monday


  10. avatar Iso9
    can i play gabber after her, churchy? :P
  11. avatar churchwarden
    Sure, you would only frighten the regulars at mono :lol:
  12. avatar Iso9
    that i would.