1. avatar jenl
    Yes, but I got a mailout yesterday from Shep stating that details would be announced at 3pm on November 2nd.
    Where I ask ye!?
    I want to know if any of my requests made it into a lineup.
  2. avatar Art Groupie
    According to the ATL website today, belFEST dates have now been announced.

    Owing to problems with said website, however, I for one cannot access the listings.

    So - anyone got the info. about their person?
  3. avatar wild bill goes commando
    Nope, saw the same listing on atl though
  4. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    November 20 – 28

    [quote]Iain Archer, Bronagh Gallagher, and Brian Houston are at the top of the songwriting talents who will headline their own events in a festival billing that will provide the capital city with a wide ranging presentation of homegrown rock music.[/quote]
    [quote]this year’s local lineup will include:
    and ALPHASTATES, whilst recent BMG signings EVE’S MAJESTY will also be on the bill.[/quote]
  5. avatar basileh
    Wheres the Metal?!
  6. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Shep went to the toilet, felt something great come out, looked around to find this:

    belFEST 2004

    November 20 – 28


    belFEST is back!

    From November 20-28 Northern Ireland’s contemporary music scene will focus
    on it’s wealth of musical talent. The brightest young things will join
    established artists and the wider music industry in a celebration of all
    that’s good about music in Northern Ireland.

    Northern Ireland Music Industry Commission (NIMIC) CEO Ross Graham states:
    ‘The significant part that Northern Ireland plays in the international
    music industry continues to go from strength to strength. Over the last 6
    years, belFEST has proved to be both a great home showcase for our creative
    talent and also a real opportunity for the further development of this
    important sector within the creative industries. This year’s event promises
    to be better than ever’

    Iain Archer, Bronagh Gallagher, and Brian Houston are at the top of the
    songwriting talents who will headline their own events in a festival billing
    that will provide the capital city with a wide ranging presentation of
    homegrown rock music.

    At the core of the festival will be the presentation of new music. Free
    admission live music events will present a host of exciting new musical
    talents from across Northern Ireland, who will perform on the stages of
    Belfast’s best venues. A CD compilation will present the best of this new
    music from Northern Ireland at sampler price. As ever, belFEST will bring
    the best of what’s happening to the widest audience possible, providing an
    exciting platform for the country’s emerging talent. Full details will be
    announced on 8 November, but this year’s local lineup will include: DUKE
    lot more! Guests from southern Ireland will include REPUBLIC OF LOOSE and
    ALPHASTATES, whilst recent BMG signings EVE’S MAJESTY will also be on the

    The educational work will once again form part of the belFEST experience,
    with NIMIC and it’s partners providing training and information events,
    which this year concentrate on vocal coaching and the A&R community.

    At a moment when the live music industry is enjoying a renaissance and many
    eyes and ears are on Northern Ireland, belFEST is preparing to deliver it’s
    best event to date. We invite you to be part of it.

    belFEST 2004 is supported by NIMIC and Belfast City Council.



    belFEST 2004 Headline Events:

    + supporting bill
    Empire Music Hall, Belfast
    Sunday 21 November
    Doors 7.00pm. Tickets £9.00 (inc booking fee) from Ticketmaster outlets,
    www.ticketmaster.ie , 24 hr credit card line on 0870 243 4455

    Iain Archer, brings his band to The Empire Music Hall for his biggest home
    show to date. His album ‘Flood the Tanks’ received considerable acclaim
    following it’s international release via Belfast’s Bright Star label this

    + supporting bill
    Auntie Annies, Belfast
    Tuesday 23 November
    Doors 9.00pm. Tickets £8.50 (inc booking fee) from Ticketmaster outlets,
    www.ticketmaster.ie , 24 hr credit card line on 0870 243 4455.
    Also £7.00 from Katy Dalys (free of ticket commission and charges).

    Actress and recording musician Bronagh Gallagher, takes a break from a movie
    career that has seen her appear in ‘The Commitments’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’, to
    present the Northern Ireland debut of her recent ‘Precious Soul’ album,
    which was recorded with the assistance of Brian Eno among others.

    + supporting bill
    Empire Music Hall, Belfast
    Sunday 21 November
    Doors 7.00pm. Tickets £10.00 (inc booking fee) from Ticketmaster outlets,
    www.ticketmaster.ie , 24 hr credit card line on 0870 243 4455. Also
    available from www.brianhouston.com

    The only hometown date this year from the Bob Harris championed East Belfast
    singer songwriter Houston, in support of the release of his "Thirteen Days
    In August" album.


    belFEST 2004 Information and Education Events

    Saturday 20 November
    To pre-register, contact Miriam in the NIMIC office on: miriam@nimusic.com,
    or (02 8)
    9092 3488. Open to people16 years and over, subject to a fee, and
    with discount for NIMIC members. (Further detail following by separate mail)

    High quality vocal workshop activities led by London’s leading voice coach
    Maureen Scott, who has worked as a voice coach with a huge range of famous
    vocalists and
    contemporary stars including Natasha Beddingfield, rock band
    Muse’s vocalist Matthew Bellamy and Pop Idol star Darius. This event offers
    local singers an unprecedented opportunity to maximise and fine tune their
    technique and talent. This NIMIC Creative Workshop is organised in
    association with ToSiNI (Teachers of Singing in N.Ireland) and is supported
    by the Dept of Culture Arts and Leisure.

    Wednesday 24 November (evening)
    Empire Music hall, Belfast
    Admission to this event is free

    A NIMIC Networks seminar and panel event will look at what it is that the
    A+R departments of record companies are looking for, how they operate within
    the recording and publishing company structure, and what it is they actually
    do in relation to artist development. The panel will be made up of A+R
    representatives from record and publishing companies. Panel details and
    start times (this will be an early evening event) will be announced later.



    belFEST has become the established platform for presenting new music from
    all over Northern Ireland, and now forms an important part of the annual
    music calendar here. The live showcases and compilation cds have combined to
    provide an annual celebration of the local scene over the past seven years.
    There is generally excellent attendance at the shows and a significant take
    up of the accompanying cd at retail, from industry, and from radio. belFEST
    provides a much utilised opportunity for local labels, media, and music
    professionals from elsewhere to see and hear most of what’s of note in a
    concise package annually. It provides local artists with an unrivalled
    opportunity to present their music.

    Since it’s inception the festival has provided a platform for a wealth of
    young upwardly mobile artists from Northern Ireland who have gone on to
    release records and tour internationally, including Snow Patrol, Relish,
    Juliet Turner, co.uk, Joyrider, and Desert Hearts. belFEST has always
    encouraged the participation of selected guests from further afield, with
    Paddy Casey, Gemma Hayes and Turn being among those making their NI debuts
    as part of the free live showcase events, before going on to bigger things.

    Elements of the wider music industry internationally access belFEST through
    the cd and website, and over the years many serious players have also
    visited Belfast for the event. The likes of Manchester broadcaster, Factory
    Records and Hacienda boss, Anthony Wilson, Simple Minds’ manager Bruce
    Findlay, and Creation Records founder Alan McGhee are among significant
    industry figures who have participated in the past. BMG, Sony, Arista, V2,
    EMI, Independiente, Universal, Epic, RCA, Mercury, Warners and Skint, are
    among the labels and publishers who have been represented down the years by
    visiting A&R staff. The intimate nature of the event affords an opportunity
    for visiting labels to establish good on the ground contacts for the future.

    belFEST enjoys longstanding media partnerships with BBC Radio Ulster’s
    ‘Across The Line’ and BBC Radio 1’s ‘Donna Legge in Northern Ireland’ who
    broadcast from events, and participate heavily by way of review and preview
    work, with BBC NI’s website carrying extensive coverage. Other local media
    turn much of their music coverage over to highlighting local talent around
    the dates of belFEST,
    providing wonderful focus. The festival has
    previously received coverage in national music magazines such as ‘Hot Press’
    and ‘NME. International trade publications such as ‘Music Week’ and
    ‘Audience’ have also featured it.

    In Spring, under the title digitalT, belFEST presents a secondary festival
    which focuses on electronica and dance music.

    Edited by: Eamonn Evangelists at: 4/11/04 3:23 pm
  7. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Wheres the metal?
  8. avatar River Runs Red
    I'll second that where's the heavier contingent? NI's Hard Rock and Metal scene has never been healthier!

  9. avatar Comrade Luke
    yep, surely theres usually a few metal bands on this?
  10. avatar goatboy
    C'mon. Give them a chance. There are only 3 gigs announced so far. I imagine there will be a few more to come.
  11. avatar EPK
    There's a shedload of stuff to be announced on, I think, Nov.8th.
    The delay is because all bands have to confirm their appearance and some still haven't been able to.
  12. avatar seajay122
    damn, i really wanted to get my band on the bill.

    awk well, looking good so far!
  13. avatar turtlefish
    Anyone know who was dealing with this whole thing? Organising the gigs etc. got a contact number?
  14. avatar dugarry
    is it too late to try to get on the line up, does anyone know.
  15. avatar edwin mcfee
    could any of the bands involved in belFEST this year send me an email as i'd like a few words with you for a feature in next week's Tele....

    thanx.email in profile
  16. avatar mikey fusz
    any word on who alls playin?
  17. avatar Seulement encore
    When can I get the belFEST CD?
  18. avatar the dirty weed
    it usually comes out towards the end of the belfest week.

    usual outlets - backbeat, virgin etc etc
  19. avatar fastfude
    full listings for belfest 2004 are up on the [url="http://www.fastfude.com/gigs.asp"]gigs page[/url] now - see 20-28th November Edited by: fastfude at: 11/11/04 9:00 pm
  20. avatar wild bill goes commando
    Was there not the usual request for submissions for the cd?
  21. avatar Wasp Boy
    A more varied Belfest bill would be nice. It seems to be the same core bands every year plus a couple of new additions.

    I'm not putting Belfest down at all, as it's a great chance to see local talent all at once, and for free, but I'm getting a bit tired of seeing the same bill over and over.
  22. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    I dunno why we're listed as playing Katys on 25th November, cos we're not
  23. avatar RIC Pop Machine
    I didn't hear anything about submitting CDs in order to be considered for the Belfest line up. Does anyone know what the selection process was?
    Dare I ask.... Edited by: RIC Pop Machine at: 14/11/04 4:36 pm
  24. avatar Rich9
    the belfest site is now online at [url="http://www.belfest.com"]www.belfest.com[/url] with full details of the festival, erm, already available on this website!

    MP3 downloads from this year's CD will also be available shortly however.
  25. avatar EPK
    I don't think there was a general trawl this year.
    Shep chooses the bands, as it ..emmm..is his festival, like.
  26. avatar RIC Pop Machine
    Just asking. Like I said "Dare I ask..."
  27. avatar EPK
    Yes, you dare, you dare.(blazing saddles stylee)
  28. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    Just checked out the website.
    I really like the gig planner - most useful! (Assuming it all runs to schedule, that is.)
  29. avatar cyclone 772
    i was pretty impressed by the planner myself - all colour coded! gonna have to use the fancy printer in work

    kd's saab and ll all open means there's potentially 12 bands to photograph on one of the nights.
  30. avatar dodgi stereo
    runs to schedule...snigger...

    You've been to this thing sober before?
  31. avatar Andrew
    JUST A WORD...

    Friday 26th @ the Front Page.

    Nothing else matters.
  32. avatar Bloodbath Callaghan
  33. avatar Andrew
  34. avatar gingermenace
    I cant compete with the poster above but this should also be a killer evening

    [b]Republic of Loose[/b]
    [b]The Debonaires[/b]
    [b]Zombie Safari Park[/b]
    @ the Spring and airbrake, thurs 25th november, adm free (of course)

    This is gonna be a good wan, pure aye.
  35. avatar River Runs Red
    Anyone had any correspondance regarding this gig, or indeed any of the gigs? I've sent a few emails to "shep", but no reply, So have no idea what the equipment or soundcheck situation is.

  36. avatar Darren Circus
    We (Urban Circus)got an email from shep Titled : Artist info #1 requesting line-up, equipment, position on-stage etc.

    The same email said we'd get another one shortly with exact times for soundchecks etc. Still haven't recieved it though.

  37. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    You'll probably get it tonight.
  38. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    I daresay when the man gets the information he's requested he will put it together and make it happen.
    If anyone involved hasn't replied to his email,now would be a good time methinks.
  39. avatar Gripper Magee
  40. avatar T Entertainment
    But here, the gig of the week so far was definitely in Auntie Annie's last night. Foamboy Deluxe wotsit was frigging lovely (he played I Want Your Candy! *swoons in a silent movie damsel stylee*) and as for Tom McShane and band...just blinding. Song For M was jaw clunking.
  41. avatar PaulATL
    manic monday too was a moment
  42. avatar PaulATL
    sweet lord. the republic of loose. amazing.
  43. avatar ryan stevens
    My first post!
    Feckin hell all this amazingness and there i was in Laverys back bar thingymajig with all the academics of the Remedial world. Damn
  44. avatar turtlefish
    Lavery's Back Bar last night, was it that bad?
  45. avatar 4 Strings and a Prayer
    Have to disagree with you there Paul. They didn't do much for me. I've heard their album a few times too, it's ok, kind of a poor mans Fun Lovin Criminals. Maybe it was just last night, what after Acidtone and the Safari boys (who did impress alot I must add!) but I think I was in the wrong mood to lounge it, know what I mean? I was up for a bit of hard rocking after we played. Tight band and all, but I passed I'm afraid. But hey, that's just MY opinion, or is that a different thread altogether? I did enjoy myself all the same. Twas a good night.
  46. avatar goatboy
    Yes, but when will the CD be out?
  47. avatar gingermenace
    I enjoyed the night immensely, Republic of loose vocalist is like a crazed drunk white Al Green, i personally loved him, the guys from R.o.l. were real good people too, they gave me a free cd, whoo-hoo! (I'm easily pleased) Involution, Acidtone and the Debonaires were all demon too. Hope y'all enjoyed ZSP, i never thought i'd say this, but i think we were a tad too loud. I must be getting old (plus i forgot my ear 'defenders'. class)

    [url="http://www.zombiesafaripark.tk"]www.zombiesafaripark.tk[/url] Edited by: gingermenace at: 27/11/04 1:17 pm
  48. avatar 4 Strings and a Prayer
    Goat, they've had a cd out for ages now. Just not publicised too well up here in the frozen north. I think it's still available in all good record stores (see, I'm not biased at all, just cause I work for HMV!), I'll check tmro to see if I can order it in.
  49. avatar goatboy
    Aye, but I'm talking about the new Belfest CD that was supposed to be out to coincide with the gigs.

    Any word on when it's coming out?

    I missed ROL the other night but I've been hearing good things. I must try and check em' out.
  50. avatar rudedoodle
    BelFest was good fun.
    As always.

    Highlights -
    Duke Special (this was my 'moment of BelFest2004' as I kept shouting at Jenny Foxxx throughout the set)
    BCW (always a treat)
    The Lingus (loving their catchy songs & stripey jumpers)
    Panda Kopanda (not as twee as I remember)

    [url="http://www.livejournal.com/users/rudedoodle/"]A couple of photos... no band ones, sorry there.[/url]
    Edited by: rudedoodle at: 28/11/04 5:30 pm
  51. avatar 4 Strings and a Prayer
  52. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    the ROL could probably be best described as "trunks"

    i had to leave.. i couldnt cringe any longer.
  53. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    What a week.
    Cheers to Shep and everyone else who was involved in putting on all those free gigs.
    Great fun all round -- and I didn't even get to see half of what was going on.

    (I did discover the limits of my photo-taking energy, though. It seems that sixteen bands in one week is more than enough for me to be getting on with
  54. avatar T Entertainment
    Republic of Naked Emperors, more like.
    Grand week all 'n' all. Dead good having the three venues the gither now, like.
  55. avatar PaulATL
    no way! thought they had tunes to burn and a great performance. Though will agree with 4strings about the CD. Maybe thats why I was blown away as thje CD is muck. Sounds like any spark of rawness has been produced out of the band.
  56. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    Don't know how you could [i]not[/i] feel a certain liking, even despite yourself, for a band who dress like this:

    I thought they were fantastic anyway, even though I'd never heard of them before (or maybe because of that) and even though that's not normally my style of music.
  57. avatar charlysays2
    My first post!
    Hello all,

    I'm a new member but not new to the board, been reading all yer replies for a while now.

    On belFEST - I got to spend an evening with a few A&R people and it was an interesting sight.

    I also thought Duke Special was a highlight and dragged them in to see him, they lasted 1 song, their responce when I asked them what they thought - "a bit too Radio 2" - all they were interested in was finding a carbon copy of Franz Ferdinand, The Libertines and even McFly I reckon - all this c*ap about how its the songs that matter, who is more serious about songwriting than Duke Special like?
    I think those guys will be very sorry one day that they didn't pay more attention.
  58. avatar Wasp Boy
    Only caught the Front Page on Friday night, and it was quite strange seeing a lot of new faces who wouldn't normally attend punk rock shows.

    Hopefully they will in future.
  59. avatar T Entertainment
    The A&R drones I was (briefly) speaking to were tiresomely predictable in their lemming-like local band name checking. Not to single any out, but some decidedly uninspiring outfits without a shred of originality were lauded, quite clearly for the very reasons cited above. *sigh* but it was always thus...
  60. avatar rigsy
    I ended up watching Rebublic of Loose in Dublin last night and they were even better. Weird how a band can sound so uninteresting on cd but be so great live.
    Some of the bands on the BelFEST bill could learn a LOT from ROL...imo
  61. avatar PaulATL
    by 'songs' I imagine they mean singles.
  62. avatar wild bill goes commando
    Come on T-Ent, who do you mean locally that sounds like the libertines, McFly or the like....im kinda curious....who are we talking?
  63. avatar T Entertainment
    Ha - life too short, Ricky ;)

    And I didn't necessarily mean those bands, just bands wot sound like other (successful) bands.
  64. avatar wild bill goes commando
    Boo hiss....are we in the jungle
  65. avatar Wasp Boy
    I think he means the Dangerfields. They kinda sound like McFly.
  66. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    As you should well know....
  67. avatar Andrew
    There used to be a Northern Irish McFly. We played with them in the Venue once. They were (a) a covers band, and (b) balls.

    [url="http://www.bbc.co.uk/northernireland/atl/belfest2004/dangerfields.shtml"]FP review now up.[/url]
  68. avatar the dirty weed
    am i the only one who remembers yon fella from the republic of loose as the grunting ape who supported chicks and the manics at the ulster hall back in the day?

    they were called johnny pyro and were totally rubbish!

  69. avatar glzebub
    fcuk weed you're right! that's the cuunt all right, christ jonny pryro were offensive that night.

    what a gig though...ah yesterday...
  70. avatar rigsy
    he wrote all the chick's songs apparantly, his younger sister was in the band.
  71. avatar the dirty weed
    aye, anne tierney who is now in the radio, i think?

    i still like those two chicks eps! then they went into the studio with royal trux and their wretchery and japes made the young chicks flee back into the real world of non-pop boredom.

    job's a bad'un!
  72. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    I think I used to fancy the drummer. But maybe that was just because she was the furthest away.

    Anyway, there doesn't seem to be any review of the Duke of York gig at all on ATL. Which is a pity.
  73. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    It fookin better have. It was our best gig in ages.

    [url="http://www.pandakopanda.com"]www.pandakopanda.com[/url] Edited by: Jonny Hi Five at: 1/12/04 5:06 pm
  74. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    Yes, it's like the D of Y gig never happened.

    It [i]did[/i] happen, right?
  75. avatar nonlogic liam
    [quote]There used to be a Northern Irish McFly. We played with them in the Venue once. They were (a) a covers band, and (b) balls.[/quote]

    Oh my god that's right. I remember them they were awful. I think they where also on that derry complication electric (insert other words) CD with none other than yakuza. Painful memeories indeed.
  76. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    Energy Fields

    I'm saying nahin about McFly except when we mentioned their name we did it as though we were that japanese boss-guy from Back to the future II, when he was firing Marty McFlys ass
  77. avatar Captain Yesterday
    So no review of the belFEST Duke of York gig on Sat night OR the Katy Daly's gig last Thursday.

    And there was me thinkin' ATL were supporting the damn thing...
    Edited by: Captain Yesterday at: 1/12/04 6:43 pm
  78. avatar PaulATL
    yeah, ATL have totally ignored the whole thing....

    jeez. some reviews still to come from freelance contributors, but you know there are only a few staff trying to cover a heck of a lot of bands, people cant split themselves in two.

    sure have a go anyway like
  79. avatar Captain Yesterday
    Ok glad to hear it. I was under the impression the FP gig was the end of the reviews.
    Edited by: Captain Yesterday at: 1/12/04 8:57 pm
  80. avatar rigsy
    [quote]And there was me thinkin' ATL were supporting the damn thing...

    i know, we lied, we hate belFEST!

    we're just having a laugh here, to be honest.

  81. avatar Captain Yesterday
    Me too.
  82. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    Yeah, I thought I'd better make it clear here that I wasn't starting anything. Honest.
  83. avatar tenrabbits
    ..now that's settled.. back to the republic of loose..

    feckin magic!
  84. avatar PaulATL
    re-listened to the album and it does indeed suck. Real difference between live and record. Makes you think about how bands get represented in studio.
  85. avatar tinpot anto
    The way I counted it Stuart Bailie reviewed 8 bands in one night.

    That's pretty damn good if you ask me.
  86. avatar rudedoodle
    [quote]Yeah, I thought I'd better make it clear here that I wasn't starting anything. Honest. [/quote]

    Yeah but didn't Gavin say on stage that,
    "PKP ain't nothing to @#%$ with"?
    ,but only after checking that BCW weren't back from The Front Page yet?

    Anyway, where is the Belfest CD????
  87. avatar PaulATL
    wasnt one of the reviews with Rigsy though, a kind of joint one?
    i dont think i'd have the stamina for 8 reviews..
  88. avatar rigsy
    I reviewed the Debonaires and Republic of Loose.
    I was dosed with the flu last week and didn't get to half as much as I'd liked to have....I missed Wednesday altogether - probably the first showcase night of belFest I've missed in about five years!
    As for Saturday night - I don't think any of the ATL crew could make it....for my sins I was elsewhere dancing like a demented loon.
  89. avatar Barbaroolla
    happy birthday rigsy!