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    [b:e4a0fa1b3c]Neil Landstrumm[/b:e4a0fa1b3c]


    Scandinavia's Scottish Prince has been doing the techno business for some time now. From the early days at Pure and Sativa Neil has helped to shape Scotland's techno scene into the healthy beast it is today. The clubs have showcased the world's finest over the years and Neil's productions have crafted a distinct sound that's influence has been felt the world over with releases for Germany's mighty Tresor label and the classic albums 'Bedrooms and Cities' and 'Pro-Audio'. Neil now runs the experimental Scandinavia label that also produces music and animation for TV. However he can still be found pumping out his trademark dirty-bass techno at the world's biggest techno clubs.


    neil landstrumm myspace - http://www.myspace.com/neillandstrumm
    scandinavia - http://www.scandinavianyc.com/



    Belfast based David makes music with computers, instruments (bass and sax) and some hardware bits and bobs (101, ADX1, outboard and Spirit FX8). He's played in Belfast, Dublin, Manchester, Brighton, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and New York. He also plays in a duo with Brian Greene called Kinnego Flux.

    Check out his new 12" 'Dib Dab Dub' on Bug Klinik records. He also has an ep available for free download on acroplane.org, plus the next acroplane release will be an ep by he and Brian Greene under the name 'Indigo Flummox'.

    Expect a set of dancefloor destroying live improvisation. He's gaining a great reputation around Europe for his live shows, recently having supported the mighty Bogdan Raczynski in Brussels... so, it should be a treat!


    Filaria myspaz - http://www.myspace.com/filaria
    Bug Klinik - http://www.bugklinik.com
    Acroplane - http://www.acroplane.org
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    oof! that'll be lethal
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    o yes :D

    we got aaron spectre for may as part of cqaf..that'd maybe be to your liking?
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    Startslow, AKA Gustave Savy draws influence from all sorts of places, from Matmos to Fugazi. He has been making music in various forms for more years then he wants to admit to. Starting as a sax player, then becoming a bass player, then turning back to the sax, through various bands and projects, and all the while tinkering with computers, samplers, recording devices and all that stuff.

    Gus recently played sax for one of his all-time heroes 'Citizen Fish', so now he can die happy.

    From the days of the Atari and four track cassette recorder to the present day, a constant influence has been the outpourings of his friend Simon Mothboy, who comes from the same remote backwater as he (but now lives in London) and who showed him that it is worth carrying on.

    Many thanks to Chris Moxey and Johnathan Todd for their magnificent vocal contributions.

    The phrase 'kicked to death by bees' was first coined by Paul Ocosi when trying to come up with a name for the project which ended up being Gator Bait Ten, and was really rather good.

    Grab the ep [b:7aa5826bf1]for free[/b:7aa5826bf1] from acroplane.org
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    Neil Landstrumm @ Techstylism 5 years, 2007 01 27, Vilnius

    awesome :D
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    [b:6e27e3cc2b]Aaron Spectre[/b:6e27e3cc2b]


    Aaron Spectre is a multi-instrumentalist American musician who currently resides in Berlin and produces in a variety of genres, each style informing the other. A classically trained percussionist, Spectre began performing as a drummer for bands in the Massachusetts hardcore punk scene as a teenager. Upon moving to New York he played as a solo act with his laptop and a dulcimer, before evolving into his current set up. His work comprises digital sounds with a distorted soul, fragile melodies sprinkled with urban grit, grime layered over dense harmonies.

    He is probably best known for his electrifying live performances, which reveal his hardcore and punk roots, in aesthetic if not in sound. Refusing to sit motionless behind a laptop, he
    tweaks and re-works tracks with various MIDI controllers in a flurry of dreadlocks and DIY enthusiasm. He’s maintains a ferocious tour schedule and has played throughout Europe, North America, and Japan.

    “this one scared me within an inch of my life...” - Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC Radio 1

    “one of the world’s most talented musicians... awe-inspiring” - XLR8R Magazine


    aaron spectre website - http://www.aaronspectre.com
    ad noiseam - http://www.adnoiseam.net/

    [b:6e27e3cc2b]Kinnego Flux[/b:6e27e3cc2b]


    This burgeoning local duo comprises of David Baxter (Filaria) and Brian Greene. Their sound combines digital dexterity with live vocals, trumpet, clarinet and various other pieces of instrumentation in a unique blend of styles. They have opened for artists such as Jamie Lidell, Cassette Boy and Yee-King, and are also signed to Belgian label Bugklinik Records.


    bugklinik - http://www.bugklinik.com
    acroplane - http://www.acroplane.org
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    heres a decent wee biog for the uninitiated..

    A stalwart of the UK electronic music scene since 1994 Neil Landstrumm has released work on many of the most recognised labels in the industry. Starting with Peacefrog, shifting gears to Berlins’ Tresor Records he then upped the bass-game onto arguably the UKs’ most important electronic label of the moment, Planet Mu. Neil Landstrumm is an artist who always seems to be at the spearhead of experimental, dancehall low frequency electronics. After a lengthy sabbatical in New York, the native Scot is now settled back in Edinburgh where he continues to make music and operate his label project, Scandinavia .Neil has toured relentlessly worldwide, supporting each years releases with uncompromising live shows using a plethora of sound hardware. Never an artist to rest on his laurels and churn out the same old, he has built a career on being unpredictable and open to new perspectives from which to hone his sound. A pioneer of new styles within techno, often copied and imitated Landstrumm has a strong pedigree within the scene. Unaligned to any one genre, upfront and heavy, he makes music for all-comers to the rave . Landstrumm steers his way through 2007 with refreshing abandon and a new LP due late Spring on Planet Mu records called “Restaurant of Assassins” With the heaviest subs this side of Chapeltown, Landstrumm seeks new lows with “Restaurant of Assasins” bringing together classic UK techno vibes and modern dubstep with a refreshed rave sensibility. Neil hijacks dubstep structure and its “on-the-three’s” approach but adapts it to his signature sound so identifiable from the decades previous productions. Undeniably proud of the UK’s heritage in electronic music and clearly passionate about the influences in his musical ouput, Landstrumm has a talent for bringing it all together in unusual and creative packages. Chasing the Great Northern Raves from the Happy Mondays and Yorkshire Bass N Bleep scene, to contemporary dubstep you can follow Landstrumms’ vision of the ravestep sound in 2007 with “Restaurant of Assassins”. An unsettling cartel of badman and plain wrong-uns….. It's live hardware electronics at it's very best.

    miss this at your peril..trust us people!
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    a good recent interview.

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    TONIGHT! :twisted: