1. avatar Hardball
    [url=http://www.myspace.com/tunguskapunk]TUNGUSKA[/url] (Dublin)- for fans of From Ashes Rise/Tragedy

    The Pavilion Thursday the 15th of March
    doors 8.30pm/£5

    From Dublin with Irish and Polish personnel who have been/are in a variety of bands from both countries including easpa measa, silence, de novissimis, juliette, scientific bong, antichrist. Their style is a more
    melodic take on the From Ashes Rise/Tragedy/Remains of the Day crusty
    hardcore. They have recently released a split 7"
    with De Novissimis.
  2. avatar spirit of division
    they're ace.
  3. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    grrh, wish I had known about this earlier. Totally broke and need to save money for Towers next week!

    Tunguska are soooo good. Best hardcore band in Ireland by far!
  4. avatar xiknowitsoverx
    Yeah it was short notice combined with finding support for this, a pity as Tunguska are fucking awesome!! should be fun though!
  5. avatar Bones
    this shud be a good nite.