1. avatar EPK
    Tony, of R.A.Hamilton T.V. Repairs on the Castlereagh Road Belfast, has been doing amplifier and guitar repairs for many years, but has now closed the workshop to take up a post with Indie Guitars. However, he is still available to give advice or do repairs from his home in Dundonald for Fastfude members. Give him a ring on 07746569426, or email:- tony.hamilton@tiscali.co.uk

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    Hi Guys! and thanks EPK... new email address:- r.a.hamilton@ntlworld.com, new mobile number (evenings only):- 07921309012 - Fastfude users for the use of...

    Best regards

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  3. avatar mcstick
    I can confirm that Tony is the man for amp repairs.
    He fixed up Tupelos old beat up orange beast a treat and also sorted out my tubeman preamp so that it now operates perfectly.
    They now sound awesome together and Tony did all this for a ridiculously reasonable price. I was almost embarrassed to hand over such a small sum of cash for a job so well done!

    A big thumbs up!!

    :D :D
  4. avatar unleashedjohn
    I'd just like to add that Tony is a superb knowledge on amps and its a total pleasure to have him deal with your equipment. I cant praise him high enough. as mentioned he is unbelieveable on price too.

    In fact, I'm glad my amp blew up as I now have the honour of knowing this true gent.
  5. avatar rahamilton
    Thank you Gentlemen for your magnanimous approbation, I am truly humbled by your kind comments.


    I'm piggin' fillin' up now....