1. avatar bazza
    Yo peeps ... or something

    we're looking for a venue to put on a night, once off to start with, but based on popularity, we'd be looking to do it monthly.

    It'd need to be able to house at least 100-200 people at the start, and we'd be putting on at least a band and a DJ, and the real kicker, we need a friday or saturday night.

    We've contacted a few places already, but getting those nights and somewhere in town to be handy for people getting there, anyone got any suggestions for places/a place available we can use? Ideally somewhere open to good alternative stuff, as we'll be putting this on as part of deja voodoo dollz (www.voodoodollz.co.uk) so we're really going for a particular market and type of people here.

    Answers on a postcard to .... actually, just shove it in 'ere, or privmsg me
  2. avatar Penny Nixon
    What about Vico's?
  3. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    have you tried The Bunker at laverys?

    Or McHughs?

    Or The Pavilion?
  4. avatar bazza
    bunker have their own club nights on friday and saturdays, we're already checking on the pavillion, but it's a bit further out of town than we really want, what's hirable in mchughs? I've only been in some of it
  5. avatar JTM
    Having had a look at the site, I would suggest The Front Page.