1. avatar fastfude

    [quote:b8fd8ea8af]Coffee house Starbucks is to launch its own music label, saying it will sign both established and new artists.
    The chain, which has 13,000 stores worldwide, has already released albums under its Hear Music brand, licensing songs from other companies.[/quote:b8fd8ea8af]
  2. avatar the*optimist
    Any chance of radiohead? they're still without a label! :lol: I reckon there could a be few decent bands on this due to V2 going bust a while ago. They'd have good distro. :shock:
  3. avatar Baelmammon
    Why????To fulfill some idea of customer service, this is just about bigger brand name and money, but hey it may work out for some, they should put money into independent labels.Who would want their music affiliated with Starbucks?
  4. avatar JTM
    Plenty of indie-shmindie or acoustic artists in the States would kill for this opportunity.
  5. avatar fastfude