1. avatar kinta1
    [color=orange:f25d68dcd0][size=18:f25d68dcd0]now we've got our drummer probs sorted (famous last words) :-) were lookin to get a few gigs happenin. ideally we'll help make up a 3 band night in the bunker or similar thursdays thru - sundays.

    if any bands are interested in adding us to thier night give me a shout.

    gavin [/size:f25d68dcd0][/color:f25d68dcd0]
  2. avatar Enixs
    Hey there.
    as far i can see posting for gigs on here is like fishing in a puddle. :lol:

    use got a bebo or myspace?
    my band enixs 11 are looking for gigs 2.
    if your up for it we could try booking a gig somewhere.
    wot style r use?
  3. avatar dupadisc.ie
    would you be willing to travel....

    I have offers for cuckoo rass coming in from several venues / niteclubs around the country

    to name a few
    marine - Warrenpoint, a few venues here
    velvet - newry
    Whelans and SugarClub - dublin
    roisin dubh - galway