1. avatar Andrew Mc Gibbon
    Hey Ho, I want the above, I don't want to spend loads, this is not about quality, so if any of you have some old stuff lying about, please PM me
  2. avatar Andrew Mc Gibbon
    I should add, I'll buy it, I dont expect it to be given away as much as I'd like that
  3. avatar Ric_vdb
    hey there - im currently selling a bass drum pedal at the moment, cheap enough. Its a double pedal, made by bigdog - nice and sturdy and cheap for what you get. its under a year old and im selling as i want to change to a more expensive single pedal. got it for 140quid... say, £70?
  4. avatar Andrew Mc Gibbon
    Hi Ric,
    I'm sure that really cheap mate, but its way too expensive for my needs, if I told what it was for you'd know what I mean, cheap and nasty is the way forward here. thanks for the reply though.
  5. avatar Ric_vdb
    no sweat man! all the best with it anyways, what is it for out of curiousity?
  6. avatar oxo
    pm d ya man 8)
  7. avatar Andrew Mc Gibbon
    ah , all will be revealed in due course