1. avatar Phoenix
    Hey there,

    after a [b:1ce4cac7e2]VERY[/b:1ce4cac7e2] long lay off I am tempted to get back into the World of music so if there is anyone out there looking for either a solid bassist or a rhythm guitarist with vocals then I could be interested. In the dim and dark past I was even a lead vocalist - but those days 'may' be long gone now but would be willing to try out vocals ;)

    I should point out that apart from the occassional jamming and playing a little at home I haven't gigged with a band in years. In the past I have gigged in and around London and have some experience of studio work (1 EP) and lyric writing ... end of the day, though, I am going to be rusty

    I live in Co Armagh and can travel within reason (own car) and have 'most' of my own equpiment - basses, guitars, even a mandolin LoL, but only a practice amp currently for the basses (full gigging amp for the guitars)

    I work full-time during the week so would prefer a band in the same situation (night and weekend practices), so am probably looking for a band in the 'older' (25+) age bracket

    Influences:- rock (melodic/hard), blues and even some metal thrown in for good measure. Ideal/favourite sort of band would be akin to Tyketto/Vaughn but as long as it has some melody and emotion I will probably love it

    Anyway, if you have read all of this good for you - and either reply or mail me if interested.

  2. avatar Phoenix
    Is there any life in the music scene of County Armagh or thereabouts at all anymore? :wink: