1. avatar Stevie Mac
    Yes kiddiewinks the new LCD Soundsystem album 'Sound Of Silver' is out today, which is a great thing in itself, but thanks to the wonder of modern technology at the fingertips of talented geeks with laptops, we can present to you the added bonus of:


    From the cadre of underground producers that brought you [i]Always Outsiders Never Outdone[/i] (prodigyremixed) and [i]Screamixadelica[/i] (primalscreamremixed) comes lcdremixed - [i]Sounds Like Silver[/i]:

    [b]1. Get Innocuous (Geek Chic's Harm-Free Retouch)
    2. Time To Get Away (ATOM's Exit Stage Left Mix)
    3. North American Scum (Dunproofin's Not From England Either Mix)
    4. Someone Great (Shokking Shokkaboy Remix)
    5. All My Friends (AMIGAMAN Remix)
    6. Us vs Them (Go Home Productions Remix)
    7. Watch the Tapes (Team9's Excursion On The Version)
    8. Sound Of Silver (McSleazy Remix)
    9. London, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down (Hearing Double & JCB Soundsystem) [/b]

    Pop along to [url]http://www.lcdremixed.com[/url] to download the tracks & artwork directly or by torrent, or friend us up at [url]http://www.myspace.com/lcdremixed[/url]

    As with all the previous musicremixed projects, the album is free to download, but if you like it please donate to the chosen charities, [i]Oxfam[/i] or [i]Nordoff-Robbins music therapy[/i], they need your money more than we do.

    Mr Murphy was given a copy of it last week, and Eddy-TM done a 20min special on it on last Friday's The Remix on Xfm - more on what is happening with the album until it gets taken down by The Man or whatever on the myspace blog.