1. avatar robot_rock
  2. avatar Chi-Lite

    I thought this was something about Soulwax, the legendary record label set up by the Holland brothers in 1970 to rival the later Motown.

    Turns out it's just a bunch of pictures of bands.
  3. avatar robot_rock
    it's just a few people having a bit of fun doing their own take on the soulwax song "teachers"!
  4. avatar the dirty weed
    is it not a daft punk song?
  5. avatar Niall Harden
    i'd never heard the song before, but it still pleased me
  6. avatar ryanego
    I had a wee chuckle at this :-)
  7. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    tis a daft punk song which soulwax covered for niteversions but changed all the band names.

    EDIT: Gutted at bein left out:(
  8. avatar Stevie Mac
    this amused me