1. avatar Seamy ALB
    RUSH: 'Far Cry' Single Available For Streaming - Mar. 12, 2007

    RUSH's brand new single, "Far Cry", is available for streaming in its entirety at www.rush.com. The track comes off the Canadian trio's new album, "Snakes & Arrows", due on May 1 via Anthem/Atlantic. Check out the album cover artwork at this location.

    "Snakes & Arrows" track listing:

    01. Far Cry
    02. Armor and Sword
    03. Workin’ Them Angels
    04. The Larger Bowl
    05. Spindrift
    06. The Main Monkey Business
    07. The Way The Wind Blows
    08. Hope
    09. Faithless
    10. Bravest Face
    11. Good News First
    12. Malignant Narcissism
    13. We Hold On

    In a recent interview with Revolver magazine (web site), RUSH vocalist/bassist Geddy Lee stated about the upcoming CD, "It's hard to describe. It's big, it's bold, and I think it's some of the best work we've done in years. I'm really pleased with the quality of the songs, and there's lots of playing on it."

    "Snakes & Arrows" promises to be the most organic-sounding RUSH effort in decades, having been influenced by their experience of making "Feedback", the band's 2004 EP of classic-rock covers.

    "Playing those songs that we loved and grew up on, I think it helped us remember how sometimes it's the simplicity or the directness of an arrangement that really makes a great song," Lee told Revolver. "And the other thing is, we played all together in the studio for a lot of the 'Feedback' stuff. That's something that a lot of producers had been pushing us to do for a while but which we hadn't done in years. It was great to turn off the click and just play — you know, not worry so much about being so, quote, metronomic — and that definitely carried over into this record."
  2. avatar Danny McCormack
    Superb! I can't wait to see them on the next European Tour, I'll give you all 10-1 odds that they're playing Ireland though.
  3. avatar smittennn
    i confess i am a bit of a rawk fan when it comes to RUSH.
    saw them in stadia in the States and the drumming of Neil Peart was astonishing; as was the other members.

    if they hit these shores i encourage attendance. awesome fun live show.
  4. avatar Danny McCormack
    Neil is the best drummer in the world by miles. I have one of his wee Turkish caps too, must wear it on stage sometime for the craic
  5. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Oh god how I love Rush. I cannot wait to see them again!