1. avatar the*optimist

    Next Thursday! Free Entry doors at 9pm!
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  2. avatar livemusicpics.com
    next thursday or the thursday after that? poster says 22nd.
  3. avatar Desus
    Its next Thursday the 22nd March. Thankfully I'm back from SXSW for this! Haven't seen Kowalski since January and they've been great the last few times they've played. And Trip Fontane sounded immense at the Sandino's Oppenheimer gig last week.
  4. avatar remainsofyouth
    Will be an excellent night. Looking forward to seeing Kowalski again.
  5. avatar Ron
    [quote:6cb806ace2="Desus"] Thankfully I'm back from SXSW for this! [/quote:6cb806ace2]

    Totally blatent I'm going to sxsw post. Dee, you lucky Bast**d.
  6. avatar the*optimist
    [quote:ceff10910d="livemusicpics.com"]next thursday or the thursday after that? poster says 22nd.[/quote:ceff10910d]
    This reminds of that argument in seinfeld! I believe that Monday is the start of the week and that the thursday that week is "this thursday" although it could be seen as "next thutsday" as it is the next one in line!
  7. avatar Desus
    Bumping it up!!
  8. avatar the*optimist
    Bumping! Really looking forward to this as we're playing a load of new tracks!
  9. avatar remainsofyouth
    yeoooo, remains of youth have been added to this bill
  10. avatar the*optimist
    Tonight! Bring the Ruckas!
  11. avatar the*optimist
    em....Remains of Youth are the absolute bomb! honestly (minus friendship bias) that was the best performance from a local band I have ever seen. Their new songs are absolutely ace. I cannot recommend seeing them live enough. Check them out on their myspace. They sound like a At the Drive in doing Post Rock. Insane.
    Thanks to everyone who came down we had a blast!
  12. avatar remainsofyouth
    A great night was had watching Kowalski play. Their new tunes sound excellent. Was good to see them again
  13. avatar The Weaver
    great gig,nice one