1. avatar Brendzo
    The polemics have just recorded their first demo. It was produced by gary aiken from novatech studios on march 9th 07. have a listen and let us know what use think can be found on http://The-polemics.bebo.com

  2. avatar comprachio
    can hear a strong oasis/stone roses influence.
  3. avatar donnelly
    hope thats a compliment lol
  4. avatar comprachio
    depends on what you think of oasis/stone roses :wink:
  5. avatar donnelly
    very diplomatic lol!! well ill take it as compliment cus i love them both!!! lol
  6. avatar donnelly
    is that your band the jane bradfords???!! really good m8!! i did read the comments but i did hear cure and new order influence initially lol which is a compliment!! very uplifting and atmospheric!! you gig in belfast much? prob hear it a lot but 1st 1s my fav. think 2nd 1 would b gr8 live tune
  7. avatar donnelly
    change my mind i like 99 best lol