1. avatar kinta1
    [color=orange][size=18]formerly bandzephyr
    now ajenda
    check us out at


  2. avatar comprachio
    she's got a stunning voice (cross between Xtina and stevie nicks) but you should really really change the classification on myspace to pop. Also, i'm not overly keen on the guitar sound. Needs to be a bit warmer.

    I certainly don't mean that in a bad way btw. Good work.
  3. avatar kinta1
    cheers comprachio.
    jens a great singer.
    guitar sounds my doin. ))
    no worries.
    hopefully youll find time to check us live in the near future.

  4. avatar dupadisc.ie
    AJENDA as they are now called are very impressive LIVE!!!

    Jenny has such an amazing / powerful voice for such a small little lady

    gavin and the rest of the guys are top musicians

    Id personally like to see more happening for these guys on both the gigs and recordings front!!